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Listed on this page are selected publications, presentations, websites, videos, and other sources of information about rainbow smelt. Funding for this website was provided through a grant from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for “A Multi-State Collaborative to Develop and Implement a Conservation Program for Three Anadromous Finfish Species of Concern in the Gulf of Maine” (NOAA Award # NA06NMF4720249).

Please contact the following individuals for further information on rainbow smelt science, management, and conservation in the northeastern United States:

  • Oliver Cox, Maine Department of Marine Resources
  • Brad Chase, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
  • Robert Eckert, New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
  • Sarah Laporte, National Marine Fisheries Service Protected Resource Division, Northeast Regional Coordinator
  • Dwayne Meadows, National Marine Fisheries Service Protected Resource Division, Species of Concern National Program Director

We hope that this site can be a forum to share current research and management initiatives. Please let us know if you would like to share any of your current projects or add a paper to the bibliography list.


Informational Handout

Rainbow Smelt: An Imperiled Fish in a Changing World

Scientific publications

Bibliography of selected scientific publications on rainbow smelt

Regional Conservation Plan

A Regional Conservation Plan for Anadromous Rainbow Smelt in the U. S. Gulf of Maine