Bruckenau city festival was a great success

Bruckenau city festival was a great success

It was a lively festive weekend. Even though the rumble of thunder could be heard from time to time on saturday afternoon and a few drops fell from the sky, the people from bad bruckenau and the surrounding area set out to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the event. To visit the city festival. And they brought hunger with them. "There is a lot going on", sedat ipek from volkers was happy while turning delicious pork steaks on his grill.

Even a few steps further on the marketplace is the mood great. Alisa knuttel, franziska scheller and inge broda sell potion from their wine barrel. The proceeds will go to the bruckenau carnival society, which, like many other clubs, presented itself at the weekend. "Support our clubs", in her opening speech, mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) called on the people of the city to. And they didn't have to wait long.

Emotional trophy presentation
The siebener park turned into a huge playground for families. The handballers of the FC were at work here. Cora and steve can't get away from the water playground that the tatsch'rs recently inaugurated. "Steve is here almost every day", he paid his grandma. Cora, however, had to interrupt her game in between. "I took part in zumba for kids", she proudly told about her rough appearance.

On saturday evening, everything was as it should be: music resounded through the balmy summer night, people danced on the benches in the market square, and around 1,200 people celebrated on sinnau platz until well after midnight.

The city festival trophy went to the dill family this year. "This family is known by everyone in bruckenau, because they are always there", meyerdierks praised the commitment of the dills. Very moved thomas dill thanked for the award. He brought his team – the georgis – right along with him. "The company founder must have had a good time today too", reminded dill of his father anton, who died last year.

A crowning conclusion
The organizers drew a consistently positive conclusion. The concept, the "power the idea of having a carnival on the market square and taking it a little easier in the old town has proved successful, said gudrun friedrich-kleine, who together with city councillor hartmut bos (CSU) had taken over the lowen part of the organization.

"It rains almost every year at least once at the city festival", friedrich-kleine stated dryly. And bos added: "i bet the sun will come out again today." And indeed. On late sunday afternoon the sun was shining brightly from the sky again. As a crowning finale.

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