16 Us states: class action lawsuit against trump’s emergency declaration

16 uS states: class action lawsuit against trump's emergency declaration

A class-action lawsuit is being filed by 16 U.S. States to challenge the emergency declaration that U.S. President donald trump is using to push through plans to build a wall on the border with mexico.

The lawsuit, which includes california, new york and new mexico, was filed in federal court in san francisco, new york’s attorney general letitia james said monday (local time). The plaintiffs question the legitimacy of the emergency declaration and accuse the president of abuse of power. With the exception of maryland, all of the lawsuits are in democrat-led states that do not border mexico, with the exception of california and new mexico.

Trump had declared a national emergency on the U.S. Southern border on friday to advance his plans to build a border wall with mexico. He based this on an alleged "invasion" of drugs, human smugglers and criminal gangs. Building the wall is among trump’s campaign promises.

The declaration of a state of emergency allows the president to raise additional money for the project without parliamentary approval. According to the weiben house, the bulk of more than six billion dollars will come from the defense department – from funds that were supposed to be used for tree removals and drug interdiction.

"Declaring a national emergency when there is none is immoral and illegal," attorney general james said in a statement. "We will not accept this abuse of power and we will fight with every means at our disposal"."The class action lawsuit seeks a declaration that the U.S. Government’s action is ‘unlawful and unconstitutional’". The justice department would not comment on the class action suit monday night, according to the "washington post".

Trump had originally asked for 5.7 billion dollars from the US congress to build a border wall. But the democrats balked at the demand. In the end, congress approved $1.375 billion – about a quarter of the amount he requested.

Immediately after the signing of the emergency decree, trump had said he expected lawsuits against this decision. Just hours later, three texas landowners and the operator of a nature preserve filed a first lawsuit in federal court in washington challenging the emergency order, the washington post reported. Others were allowed to follow.

The U.S. Border patrol, meanwhile, said that a migrant from mexico who was apprehended at the border in early february for repeatedly entering the U.S. Illegally had died at a hospital in the state of texas. The 45-year-old man was in the custody of the U.S. Border patrol at the time of his death, according to the report. He had previously complained of health problems. After the deaths of two guatemalan children in december, the mexican man was the third person in three months to die in the agency’s care, U.S. Media reported.

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