A musical star hour in eltmann

A musical star hour in eltmann

When the children’s choir, dressed as angels and carrying candles, walked through the long room of the klenze church, bringing light into the darkness, and at the end more than 120 singers sang the song "when we honor god in high places, peace comes to us" with a sound volume that surpassed anything they had ever heard before, the guests had experienced a very special hour. The door to christmas in the hearts of the visitors was wide open.

Ursula bauer, the spokesperson for the various choirs, looked proudly into the church hall, which was filled to capacity. She expressed the hope that all gifts are already wrapped, you should use the rest of the time and also get some rest. This is possible with such a program.

"Christmas is coming and our choirs want to give you a kind of musical star hour", said presenter lorenz zettelmeier, who led through the program. Enthusiastic about the children’s voices that could be heard at the beginning of the concert, he underlined that here the youngest singer is only three and a half years old, but already sings demanding songs. The "sangerlust was proud that in her rows are seven choruses that want to enchant the audience with christmas songs and sounds.

The club, which was founded in 1878, was a purely male choral society for about 120 years. Around the turn of the century, one subdivision after the other was added: the women’s choir (1998), the children’s choir "wallburgspatzen" (wallburg sparrows), and the children’s choir "wallburgspatzen" (2005), the "cantarella" youth choir (2007), the teen choir (2014) and the "cantatett" quartet with four young ladies (2015). In addition, there is a "project choir" which, which performs on special occasions as a "mixed generations" choir appearance. The church concert was such an occasion, and the project choir under the direction of regina huber performed the ukrainian christmas carol "carol of the bells" and more.

With so many choirs, the "sangerlust" is a real joy relying on choir leaders and conductors. The women’s choir performed for the first time with young conductor clara viering. Thus all the choruses are led with rough success by young women. They are all music lovers, they give the traditional mannergesangverein the necessary momentum and the active ones go along this way enthusiastically.

The women’s choir offered "stars softly make their way" of the lingenfelder church musician hermann J. Settelmeyer and two pieces by lorenz maierhofer, in whose work christmas carols occupy a special place. Ramona hauck, angelina oppelt, sarah scheuring and katharina munch from the "cantatett" group, the youth choir presented their vocal skills with "frosty the snowman", "let it snow" and "that’s christmas to me" under proof.

The stars do not let go of anyone at christmas, which can be seen in the song "wieder naht der heilige stern" ("again the holy star approaches") of the youth choir under the direction of sonja wissmuller spurte. The youth choir was supported by gisela leitner on the electric piano/organ and kerstin keidel on the oboe during the other performances.

All that was missing was the original "sangerlust" rock, the manner choir. The choir sang under the direction of regina huber several contributions from sudtirol. At first sight not necessarily christmasy, but in the sign of friendship it carried the "hymn" the italian alpinists before: "signore delle cime". It is dedicated to a friend who died in a mountain climbing accident.

The highlight was the large community choir, which gathered in the sanctuary with more than 120 singers. He created a tremendous volume of sound. The performance of the "sangerlust" was recognized with great applause and a standing ovation rewarded.

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