Atmosphere has changed

Atmosphere has changed

The corona pandemic is a special challenge for schools – for teachers, pupils and parents alike. This was evident from the reports of the school principals at the meeting of the zweckverband schulzentrum habfurt. The special-purpose association is made up of the district of habberge and the town of habfurt. School leaders all expressed hope that some normality would return by the start of the new school year in september. The effects of the pandemic had changed school learning, they said, and so the joy was great that the bavarian state had provided an additional 98436 euros for the "special budget for loan rates" to provide.

District administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU) said that the association should be grateful, also because this request was made at short notice. "This is a warm rain for us and without it we would have had to finance it ourselves. A six-figure sum had been at stake. Now, however, we receive a 100 percent demand and do not have to make our own contribution." The special budget is divided according to the number of pupils of a total of 1904 pupils between the middle school with 14 631 euros (283 pupils), the secondary school with 30 141 euros (583 pupils) and the grammar school with 53 664 euros (1038 pupils).

Rough challenge

District administrator schneider called the corona pandemic "a major challenge for everyone involved in schools. It was a special situation for all parents, teachers and students. But all in all, it went well for us and we made our contribution to it. We’ve come a few meters in digitization, but we still have a lot of potential ahead of us. It’s very positive that we are so well supported by demand resources. We now have the task of using these means intensively."

The heads of the various schools highlighted the past few months. Director of studies maria eirich (gymnasium) admitted that the corona crisis has had an impact on the atmosphere in the school. Both the attention and the teaching had changed due to the schools sitting apart from each other. In the otherwise lively school hall, almost no pupils had been seen, but they had kept to the mask requirement. Digital have contacted the high school until easter via e-mail and then also with videoconferencing. A lot has been done here, she said.

Emergency care in four groups

Primary school principal gisela schott spoke about the different structure of her school and the emergency care that the elementary school offered over four groups, including over the easter and whitsun holidays. The elementary school has made good progress with digitalization.

Principal matthias weinberger of the albrecht durer middle school emphasized the importance of social contacts. It had been felt "how gladly the students came back to their school and the school had also acquired a different status. The mood is good and we hope that in september there will be some normality – without contact restrictions."

Hartmut hopperdietzel from the dr.-auguste-kirchner-realschule mentioned the rough outlook and the fact that some students have not seen school for 13 weeks. The start of the school operation has triggered great gratitude. The difficulty is how to reach the individual locations via the internet. It makes a difference whether you live in habfurt or prappach. In the future, we must look at how we can reduce the burden on parents. "The equipment in our school is excellent, but the question is how it is with the parents’ houses", he said.

And during the summer holidays?

The association councilors addressed the emergency care during the summer vacations. The ministry of education has conducted a survey among the schools, but nothing has yet been done at the district level, said the district administrator wilhelm schneider. District councilor bernhard rub (SPD) thinks it is difficult to find the right personnel, because there is only little time left.

Michael schlegelmilch (CSU), a member of the habfurt city council, was interested in how the principals planned to approach the new school year. It depends on whether there will be a new wave after the vacations, he said. It was suggested that we should prepare for different scenarios. This is also the opinion of the ministry of education, the rate.

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