Bitter pill, weakly dosed

Bitter pill, weakly dosed

The people of stadtsteinach will not be happy: from january they will have to dig deeper into their pockets for water and wastewater. The price of water per cubic meter will increase by twelve cents to 2.07 euros, while the price of wastewater will rise by exactly 3 euros per cubic meter, an impressive 30 cents more than before.

There is no way around cost increases, as mayor roland wolfrum (SPD) made clear. "We have to invest, among other things in the clarification plant and in the water supply system. Currently, we can still count on government subsidies for these tasks." From this point of view, too, it is unwise to postpone what is necessary: "in the end, we have to do it anyway, but we have to pay for it later on our own under certain circumstances."

Covering costs

The city council has no control over the level of the increase in prices. The local tax law stipulates that water and wastewater must be managed to cover costs. This is why the prices are reviewed every two years. WRS steuerberatungsgesellschaft bamberg has now made a recalculation based on the investments that have already been made and those that are still outstanding.

However, the city council can already decide in which form the citizens will be asked to pay for their meals. After a brief discussion, the members of the board unanimously decided to take the bitter pill in as small a dose as possible and to administer it gradually. That’s why prices per cubic meter are being increased instead of imposing a high one-time payment on landowners.

These were in fact four-digit, in some cases even five-digit sums. "We don’t want to do that to the burgers by having to raise so much money all at once", knud espig (SPD), bernd kotschenreuther (CSU) and martin baumgartner () were in agreement. Especially since this does not mean that there will be peace for the next few years. In the case of water, it is already foreseeable that there will be a further increase of at least 10 cents per cubic meter from 2022 onwards.

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