Borussia on the chest, sg in the heart

Borussia on the chest, sg in the heart

In the last round, the SG rimbach/lulsfeld struggled for a long time to stay in the league. That has changed fundamentally. In a double interview, the kitzinger spoke with the brothers benjamin (22) and markus anger (19).

A year ago, the SG rimbach/lulsfeld had to tremble for the winter break to keep the league. Now they are level on points with DJK traustadt in second place. How to explain this high flight?
Benjamin anger: last season, five important regulars were injured in the first five games and our squad wasn’t as strong as it is now, so it wasn’t easy for us to compensate for that. We work well together as a team, get along well off the pitch, and often go out together in the evenings. Last year we had a team that was not allowed to play against relegation. Of course, this is also due to our coach, who is a great motivator.
Markus anger: last season, luck was also lacking in many games. We were rarely worse than the opponent or even better. This season is just perfect: good atmosphere, great fitness – and sometimes the luck to win a game 1:0.

In october 2010, thomas kleedorfer replaced the hapless gerhard schulzki. What does he do differently than his predecessor and what philosophy does he want to convey to the players??
Benjamin anger: he tries to make the defense strong so that we don’t get any goals at the back for the time being. We should have fun playing soccer – that’s the most important thing. The results come all by themselves. And as I said: he is a motivator. He knows how to get the guys excited about the game ahead.
Markus anger: the new coach has worked a lot with us on our fitness, so that we can sometimes decide a game by our play. But also as my brother has already said: first of all stand well in the defense and do not get a goal against.

The only defeat so far came in the top match, a 3-1 loss to traustadt. Was the result deserved from your point of view?
Benjamin anger: the defeat was deserved from my point of view, because they were simply more biting than us on this day and wanted the victory. Until the 1:0 we were the better team, but after that they have bought us the cutting edge. But I’m sure with a normal performance from us in the ruckspiel, we have a chance.
Markus anger: at the game i personally had problems with an injury in my thigh and was replaced by the coach at half time. Their tactic of hitting wide balls to their two strong strikers was very effective at the time.

With only 15 goals against, the SG has the second-best defense in the league. What makes you so strong defensively?
Benjamin anger: on the one hand, our two man guards julian hermann and daniel saukel, who in my eyes are among the strongest in the league. I didn’t like to have the two of them as opponents. But also because the whole team is working backwards, starting with the forwards and in midfield.

With 37 goals, however, the SG lags behind the other top teams by a long way. Why is it that the scoring rate leaves something to be desired??
Benjamin anger: we leave quite a lot of rough chances, that was already our shortcoming last season. My brother has also been injured or injured from time to time and has rarely played the whole game. That’s why I’m sure he’ll score one or two more goals in the second half of the season. But I also have my sights set on a few more goals in the second half of the season.
Markus anger: our chances are not exactly the best, but we are working on that in training. But as long as we get the three points, everything’s fine.

Despite their only 22 years, they are spielfuhrer the SG. How do you do this job on and off the pitch??
Benjamin anger: we have a young team as a whole. I have been playing with many of them since I was a teenager. On the pitch, I try to build people up when things aren’t going so well or when we’re behind. Apart from the pitch, smaller organizational tasks and also communication with the players are part of the job, which may or may not be to their liking at the time. I must say it makes me very proud to be the captain of this team.

How is it to play together with your brother in a team??
Benjamin anger: we don’t always get along and we don’t always see eye to eye. But he is an important player for us because of his speed. I’m glad he’s playing for us. When he gets fouled, I’m naturally on the front line to defend him (laughs).
Markus anger: well, as I said, we are not always of the same opinion, you can see that sometimes in training. But on the pitch it always runs well and I’m very happy when my brother me with his good pass into the run my goals initiated.

Are there sometimes fights or discussions between you at home, if one of you has made a mistake on the pitch, or is everything over with the final whistle??
Benjamin anger: of course there are discussions when someone leaves a good chance to score or doesn’t cross again in front of the goal. But I think that’s the case with all the brothers who play together.
Markus anger: we talk about our actions after every game. Sometimes we praise each other, but we also tell each other what the other didn’t do so well. The best criticism is usually from my brother.

What do you think is still possible with the SG this season?? Is promotion an issue for the players??
Benjamin anger: if you’re in second place at the winter break, that’s clearly an issue for the team. It depends a lot on the first two games against hausen and grafenrheinfeld. If we can score there, a lot is certainly possible this season. However, I have learned from the past that you should not be so on the cleaners.
Markus anger: we just want to have fun playing soccer, and if you get promoted, that would be great.

Who do you see as the strongest competitors in the battle for first and second place?? The first four teams are only two points apart at the moment.
Benjamin anger: from my point of view, it’s traustadt and grafenrheinfeld. With hausen and durrfeld, I don’t know how consistent they can be.
Markus anger: i agree. Grafenrheinfeld and traustadt are the strongest competitors.

What are your personal goals for the second half of the season??
Benjamin anger: play good football and get as many points as possible, then you’ll see what happens in the end. And also push or prepare the one or other goal.
Markus anger: celebrate as many successes as possible with the team. And of course as a striker also push many goals.

If you don’t make it to the top in the next few years, would a move to a higher-ranked club be an option for you??
Benjamin anger: at the moment things are going well, and if I get the chance to move up with my hometown club, I won’t change. At the moment I want to have success with the SG rimbach/lulsfeld and I am sure – it will come. But you should never say never.
Markus anger: good question. I would love to play with the SG in a higher league, but if that doesn’t work out and I’m in a very good shape, I wouldn’t be averse to it.

The questions are asked by our employee timo gembler.

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