Cab driver cheated, cab stolen

Around 1 o’clock love themselves on sunday a 25-year-old and his 28-year-old companion with a cab in streitberg pick up. According to the police, the ride went to eggolsheim. Once there, the man jumped out of the cab, followed by his female companion. They ran away without having paid the fare.
The cab driver was able to catch up with the young woman and detain her after a short pursuit. At this moment her companion came back, sat down in the empty cab and drove away with it.

A night in jail

In the context of the initiated search the cab could be found about one kilometer away abandoned on a field way.
From the thief, however, any trace was missing. For this reason, a police helicopter was called in, which also roughly scanned the surrounding area.
In the meantime, the 25 year old has been placed in custody. Several criminal proceedings were initiated against him, among others for the theft of a motor vehicle. His companion was taken into custody because of her intoxication and aggressive behavior. She spent the rest of the night in a detention room.

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