Children come despite corona

Children come despite corona

For expectant parents it is clear that the birth of their child cannot be postponed until after corona. But that is also clear to maternity hospitals. And therefore they have prepared themselves accordingly. How, explains dr. Hanna rohe from the regiomed hospital in coburg – and she reassures: "even in times of corona, you can give birth in the hospital without fear."

As head of the perinatal center at the coburg hospital, dr. Hanna rohe the fears of expectant parents. "There are still many questions about the birth process" she says. The parents want to know how the procedures are currently regulated. Important question: can the father be present at the birth?? "I am glad that we have found a solution that makes it possible for the father to be present at the birth as well, says the doctor. After all, it is a special event for the young family when they have a baby. However, if a cesarean section became necessary, the father had to leave the operating room. And if he is diagnosed with symptoms of covid-19, then that is the exceptional case in which he cannot be present at the birth after all.

It is normal for the father to be equipped with a mouth-nose covering, gown and hood, and gloves. The mother also wears the mask "as long as she tolerates it", as dr. Hanna rohe says. In the final phase of the birth this is usually no longer the case. But since all the other people wear protection, this is not a problem.

In the meantime, the parents’ rooms are also available again. There it is possible for the father to stay in the clinic with his wife and child until they are all allowed to go home. If he can’t stay, however, restricted visiting times still apply.

Pregnant and infected

Since a woman who has contracted the coronavirus will also have to give birth when the time comes, appropriate preparations have been made. To be on the safe side, women who come to the hospital to give birth are first examined. The temperature is measured and other symptoms of a corona infection are looked for. In addition, a swab is taken for the laboratory examination. If there is a suspicion of infection, or if it is actually known beforehand, the pregnant woman is transferred to an isolation room. The delivery then takes place in a separate delivery room from the others. Contact with uninfected mothers is impossible. So the preparations have been made. They have not been used yet. "So far, we haven’t had a single pregnant woman with covid-19 in coburg", can dr. Hanna rohe calm. She has found that possible fears can be reduced in daily practice through contact with the attending physicians and midwives. There is no evidence of a strong demand for home births or outpatient deliveries. Even a film on the homepage of the hospital, which is supposed to replace the currently not possible delivery room tours to some extent, already answers quite a few questions of the expectant parents.

Calming the situation

Overall, regiomed managing director robert wieland notes a significant calming of the corona situation on the day after the disaster alert was lifted in bavaria. This makes it possible to make two of the six intensive care beds at coburg hospital that are reserved for corona patients available again for other patients. There are also signs of relaxation at the hildburghausen site. Ten employees there had been diagnosed with a corona infection. For most of them the quarantine period is now expiring. They could then resume work.

Nevertheless, according to wieland, increased caution continues to apply in the clinic network. In order to be optimally positioned in terms of hygiene in the future, a so-called "hygiene round table" was set up formed, which will meet for the first time tomorrow, friday. Responsible persons and experts from the entire regiomed group are meeting in the rosengarten congress center – with the necessary safety precautions, as wieland emphasizes. The first meeting is supposed to be about going through the rules in force and checking where they need to be relaxed or tightened up. More of these talks are to follow.

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