City wants training center

In recent days, the city of bamberg has made intensive efforts to find a suitable location for the new vocational training and technology center of the chamber of crafts of upper franconia west (HWK) in the city area.

"Center must go to bamberg"

"It was important for us to take into account the different interests and still support the bamberg craft", said mayor andreas stark: "the HWK training center must be moved to bamberg." Originally it was planned to place it on the muna-flache. After the referendum, this is no longer possible. "We are therefore looking ahead and rethinking" so strong. In view of the lack of commercial space, it was a major challenge for the city to find an alternative in the short term, he said.

Under the leadership of economic affairs officer stefan goller, a cross-office working group is in the process of identifying site variants in the city area that meet the requirements. Possible variants are to be discussed in the near future in a meeting with the chamber of handicrafts.

HWK invited to city hall

The mayor of oberburg has invited the representatives of the chamber of handicrafts for the 18. December invited to city hall to "get specific so that bamberg gets the seat for the training center of the chamber of handicrafts. "I am firmly convinced that together we will succeed in defining and developing a suitable site. For bamberg in particular, with its large number of craft enterprises, the training of urgently needed skilled workers is a top priority", said strong. And goller added: "we want to support the goals of the chamber of handicrafts in the training system in the region as best as possible." .

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