Connection to data highway

Up to now, the two communities have been among the underserved "weedy spots on the map. The transmission rates were very low. In poxdorf they were around 500 kilobits per second, in effeltrich around 300. As a result of the cooperation agreement concluded in october 2011 between telekom and the municipalities, and thanks to the demand for funds from the government of upper franconia, this unsatisfactory state of affairs is now a thing of the past.

Telekom completes fixed network roll-out two months ahead of schedule. It has laid almost ten kilometers of glass cable and built a total of seven new cable junctions, three in poxdorf and four in effeltrich. "1600 households have been given access to the global data highway and can now surf the internet faster", said telekom team leader ludwig nagel at the handover to mayors gunhild wiegner and richard schmitt.
Data transmission speeds range from 5,000 to 6,000 kbit/s, depending on how close the customer lives to the next node. Households near the cable branch have the best connection.

What is the cost of making the two communities more future-proof and more attractive to potential commercial settlers?? Since the project was already commissioned in 2011 and by poxdorf and effeltrich at the same time, they will benefit from the government’s claim (maximum 100,000 euros) and from savings through synergies. Therefore the own contribution for poxdorf amounts to 21,000 euros and that for effeltrich to 89,000 euros. Ni

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