Florian gremer (sv steinwiesen): “we understand each other blindly on the pitch”

Florian gremer (sv steinwiesen): 'we understand each other blindly on the pitch'

The relegation of FC burggrub and FC seibelsdorf from kreisklasse 4 is taking more and more concrete shape. Both of them didn’t get any points on the last matchday either. While burggrub suffered an expected defeat at SG rothenkirchen, seibelsdorf lost in a curious basement duel with two goals and two penalty kicks at SV reitsch. This was the first time in a long time that the club had lost the relegation place 14.

TSV windheim, who are level on points with the 12th-placed team in the table, is now in the same position. FC unter-/oberrodach at the weekend again deeper into the relegation fight can pull. It’s a duel between the teams that caused the biggest surprises last matchday. Windheim scored a 2:2 in neukenroth and unterrodach held off the leaders TSV steinberg 0:0.

FC hirschfeld and FC wacker haig are also among the top teams that are tied on points just over a week ago. This has pleased the SV steinwiesen. With the 5-0 win over wilhelmsthal, the SVS is within two points of steinberg and has its sights firmly set on promotion to the district league.

In the coming season, then player-coach colin gloystein but will no longer be there. The 28-year-old will leave the club for professional reasons in the direction of marktgraitz. Karl-heinz michel has already been named as his successor (we reported).

There was also a change in the captain’s office in steinwiesen. Bastian stocker handed over the captain’s armband to goalkeeper florian gremer in winter for professional and time reasons. The 28-year-old process mechanic has been between the posts for his hometown club since 2011. Before that, he played for FC wallenfels in the district league for three years, but as a young goalkeeper he didn’t get much of a chance there.

Mr. Gremer, how much does the departure of your player coach colin gloystein hurt and how much are you looking forward to karl-heinz michel??

Florian gremer: the decision of colin came as a surprise to all of us. We could understand this, however, because he is professionally in the district of lichtenfels on the road. We regret this, because he is not only a good coach and a good player, but also a great guy. The majority of the team already knows the new coach from their youth days. He has trained us for years in the F- and E-youth. Personally, we know him pretty well and he the club. I am looking forward to working with him.

Your team has been very consistent this season and has not yet allowed itself any notable weak phases. How is this to be explained?

Since last season, the cohesion in the team has become much better. Our squad has consisted of the same people for six or seven years, which is why we understand each other blindly on the pitch. At the beginning of the season we had two suspended and two injured players, plus some vacationers. Until the end of september we played with a different starting eleven every week. But i think that made us all the stronger, because we were able to involve the younger guys as well and so we were able to make our games pretty successful.

One of the few defeats they conceded in the first leg against their next opponent, the SG kleintettau II/buchbach. How do you rate the team??

The game will be decided from the first minute only on the fight. We have to give a hundred percent in every duel and be fully there. We have taken the first leg a bit lightly. But even if we now have a supposedly easy opponent, we must not underestimate him in any case.

What is the most interesting game of the weekend from your point of view??

The most interesting game is haig against rothenkirchen. These are two very good teams, for which everything is still at stake. I think that the haiger will win on their field with 2:1. Of course, I hope for that from our point of view as well.

Who is the best goalkeeper in the league for you??

Most of the teams have quite good goalkeepers, who are at least at the district league level, if not even at the district league level. My favorite would be christian wojak from FC hirschfeld, who also has many years of experience in the district and district leagues. The interview was conducted by dominic buckreus.

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