Four offenses at the same time

Four offenses at the same time

At noon, the officers stopped the 41-year-old driver from halle in the parking lot sophienberg. The man was on his way to munich in his fiat. During his check, the search computer flashed several times.

First, the insurance for the vehicle was not paid, so that it had to be de-stamped. Further, the 41-year-old was wanted for several tank frauds in saxony-anhalt. In total, he admitted in his interrogation to four cases in which he had "forgotten" to pay had.

When the fiat was inspected, it was also found that the tuv date had been exceeded by several months and that both front tires were worn down smoothly. The journey towards the south was finished.

Only when there is a new registration for his car and two new tires are mounted, the hallenser will be allowed to drive his fiat again. Extensive mail from the prosecutor’s office, bubgeldstelle and of course the affected gas station tenants are him in the next time in the house.

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