Free makes itself “free

Free makes itself

With his third successful program "set yourself free" alain frei makes an impressive comeback. As a make up date of 12. October (tickets remain valid, but can also be returned at the respective point of sale), the winner of numerous comedy prizes and vertical star of the german comedy scene will give a guest performance next sunday, 11. November, at 19.30 o'clock in the old ropery.

According to the motto of his new solo "free yourself" he goes new ways in comedy, breaks old laughing habits and sets out to completely new humor spheres. He faces the important questions of humanity: where do we come from?? Where are we going? And what exactly is a "schmutzli"?? The swiss-born comedian is somehow not swiss at all. Cheeky, modern and without taboos, he clears up all sorts of dusty prejudices and proves that swiss people are anything but neutral. "With a lot of charm, he puts his finger in the open wounds of society, and without moralistic finger-pointing", it says in the announcement of the organizers.

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