Gym roof finished – but the elementary school roof also needs to be renovated

Gym roof finished - but the elementary school roof also needs to be renovated

The hall roof had caused problems in recent times. It did not hold any more tightly. Water dripped onto the hall floor. The roof is made of wood and had been damaged by moisture.

The leakage was caused by old tiles and a broken bitumen board above the rafters. It had become porous over the decades. "This is normal wear and tear", explains master roofer philipp reiter. The 25-year-old young entrepreneur from reichenbach won the second major contract of his still fresh independence with the roof renovation project. Reiter worked on the roof of the school gymnasium for around two weeks, replacing the bituminous felt with a contemporary underlayment foil and covering the roof with new tiles.

No problems with leakage yet
Mayor helmut blank looked at the result on site and at the same time informed himself about the condition of another school roof. During an inspection, philipp reiter discovered that the bitumen felt on the roof of the elementary school was also no longer in good condition. He has also laid new roof tiles.
Mayor helmut blank assumes that this roof will also have to be completely re-roofed in the next two to three years. Fortunately, there are still no problems with leaks, emphasized reiner straub from the city's building department when asked about the project.

In this context, mayor helmut blank once again criticizes the fact that the roof of the gymnasium and the elementary school were not renewed during the general renovation of the school. At that time there had been 60 percent subsidies. Now there is no money from the state, because the work falls under the current maintenance. Similar situation with the unrenovated janitor's apartment. The renovation of the elementary school roof will be much more expensive than the roofing of the gymnasium. Because there are classrooms in the building, the insulation must be improved when the roof is renovated. At least 60.The roof renewal will cost around 000 euros; this does not include the energy improvement.

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