Indonesia: german jesuit injured in sword attack

Indonesia: german jesuit injured in sword attack

A man armed with a sword injured four people, including a german jesuit priest, during a sunday service in indonesia.

The attacker was shot and arrested, police in sleman county said. "It was a rampage," said a police spokesman. The jesuit order in germany said that father karl-edmund prier, who was celebrating the service, was injured in the head.

The furious man stormed into the church and began to insult believers who had been sitting near the entrance, brandishing a sword. Then the attacker rushed to the altar to attack the german priest, who was injured. "He also cut off the heads of a statue of jesus and a statue of mary", the jesuits in germany announced.

The other injured were worshipers and a policeman who tried to stop the attacker. The background of the crime in the st. Lidwina church were initially unclear, according to police. Nothing was known about the condition of the injured either.

According to the jesuit order, the 81-year-old german priest has lived in indonesia since 1964, where he has dedicated himself to creating an indonesian church music. Sleman is located in the province of yogyakarta on the island of java in the middle of the country. Christian churches in indonesia are repeatedly the target of attacks by islamist assassins.

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