Kronach soon to light up in china, too

With china, many people first associate food such as spring rolls or sights such as the "chinese wall" and the "forbidden city. But china has much more to offer as the students melissa yilmaz and philipp mayer soon learned during the chinese bridge summer camp.

This unique chance came about last year at "kronach leuchtet". In these days the top management of the chinese consulate general visited kronach. They were so enthusiastic about the event and the hospitality that they extended an invitation to visit their country. Hartmut nenninger, member of the "kronach leuchtet" organization team, says: "we had a very good conversation and a lively exchange during the visit."

Two places in the challenge program

Afterwards, nenninger was asked by the director of the confucius institute, gao fangfang, if he had two female students who would like to travel to china as part of the exchange program. He was helped by thomas muller, who teaches at kaspar-zeub high school.

"We contacted them immediately", says yilmaz. The chinese bridge summer camp is a challenge program organized by the confucius institute munich. Although the application deadline for the cultural program had already passed, the students were still able to get a place thanks to their good contacts.

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The goal of the trip is the cultural exchange between germany and china. "I think it’s very important that young people can broaden their horizons and gain new experiences on trips like this", says nenninger.

That’s why the support of the two schools was a matter of course for him. Besides him, the parents’ council and the lions club also helped. They are very grateful for this, because thanks to their subsidy and the assumption of the costs of the challenge program, they only had to pay for the flight.

A unique chance

"It will certainly be interesting, because it is a completely different culture and the people are also very different, says yilmaz while mayer nods in agreement. The students are already a bit excited, but the anticipation outweighs the excitement. It takes a bit of courage, they say. "We will probably never get a chance like this again", says mayer. Both are very excited about what awaits them in china. In any case, they are already looking forward to the country’s typical food.

Communication becomes interesting

None of them speaks chinese yet, they will learn it in the language course. They already have concerns about the completely foreign language. "I am curious whether it will be enough for a conversation", says yilmaz. Mayer replies: "in china many people don’t speak english or don’t speak it very well. It will be adventurous." But if they have any problems understanding the language, they will get help from their supervisors who will accompany them on the trip.

The travel group consists of 15 to 30 participants and two supervisors. The students have already gotten to know each other better at two meetings in munich. On 28. Or 29. July the plane leaves for beijing. There the students can settle in and see cultural sights like the "chinese wall" or the "forbidden city visit.

In tai’an, there will finally be language lessons and a cultural program in a chinese middle school. Through contact with the school staff and family visits, they will be able to practice their new language skills.

Many impressions about culture

In shanghai, the travel group is expecting some lectures with topics like "learning to understand china. In the afternoons, excursions to special places of interest are planned, which will also give an impression of the chinese culture. The yu garden is considered one of the finest examples of garden art in china.

For the next year, the chinese friends have decided to visit "kronach leuchtet" again announced. Since the demand for the exchange program has been so great in the meantime, it will probably be made possible for different schools in the future as well.

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