Kulmbach gets the next drug store

Kulmbach gets the next drug store

You can no longer find a drugstore in the city center. Schlecker and fuchs have long since disappeared from the picture plane, and after dm, the muller market also left for the subcenter on albert-ruckdeschel-strabe in 2016.

Further subcenter

Now the city of kulmbach is getting another drugstore, which is not going into the city center either, but is settling on a site that is increasingly becoming another subcenter. Next year, dirk rossmann gmbh plans to set up a branch at kreuzstein, where the rough pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturer dressin was once located.

There will be more…

Since the dressin bankruptcy in the mid-1990s, the site has been in the shadows for a long time. In 2004, the discount grocer lidl settled there, which now has edeka and a pharmacy on the other side of the street as neighbors. Now rossmann is also coming, a company that has already been to kulmbach before. Until 2011 it was one of the draught horses in the fritz shopping center. Then they left kulmbach.

Why now the ruckkehr?

The question of why rossmann is coming back seven years after its withdrawal cannot be answered by josef lange, who is responsible for press and public relations work. "They are not known to us. There are no records of them", says the press spokesman and continues: "our expansion has found this interesting location in kulmbach."

The new building into which the drugstore chain is moving is being built by DR immobilien-gesellschaft. The land is currently being prepared for demolition work. "The gutting of the building is progressing. It is expected that the demolition work will continue until the end of this year", notes long.

750 square meters

Construction of the rossmann store is expected to begin in spring. The drugstore will have a sales area of 750 square meters. "Six to twelve employees will be employed. The exact number we can not yet say", stresses lange.

This is what the "retailers" say

Alexandra hofmann, spokeswoman for the "unser kulmbach" association of merchants, regrets the fact that rossmann is not going to the city center but is settling at the kreuzstein instead. For the shopping city the well-known drugstore in the center would have been a gain, she says. Especially as the chain not only sells drugstore products, but also stationery and soft drinks, for example. The spokeswoman of "our kulmbach" female, however, that coarse chain stores pursue their own strategy, that they often want to get out of the city center and into supply centers. The stores had to be on one level, and there had to be enough parking spaces in front of the building.

There is plenty of space on the newly designed EKU square, but the store building there that used to house muller-mark has several floors and is obviously not of interest to drugstores.

City of kulmbach tried

This experience was also made by the city of kulmbach. "When we heard about muller’s departure, we immediately tried, together with the business community, to attract other drugstores to the building", says press spokesman simon ries. Talks were also sought with rossmann. Ries: "but it was clearly signaled that location in the city center is out of the question."

Alexandra hofmann regrets development that weakens the city center. She regrets that many cities are courting large companies, but that they do not have to meet the same requirements as retailers in the city center.

This is what the retail trade relies on

Kulmbach’s retailers rely on one particular feature in their struggle for survival, she says. It is the individuality of the stores that is also appreciated by customers from hof and bayreuth. Hofmann: "that is a pound with which we must grow even more."

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