Lena meyer-landrut postpones tour again

Lena meyer-landrut postpones tour again

Some fans of singer lena meyer-landrut (27) have reacted with disappointment to her renewed tour postponement. "This is simply unprofessional. And with high costs and expenses for the people involved," wrote one user on instagram.

"In my younger years i also saw it differently. Today i think that’s no way to treat your fans," said the mother of a young fan.

The musician had explained on wednesday, the originally for autumn planned tour a second time to postpone, because her new album is not yet ready. "I’m sorry and I know I’m trying your patience a lot."The tour should now take place next spring. For those who have already bought a ticket, they are also planning a free special concert.

Many supporters stand behind the 2010 ESC winner. "Then you just wait a little longer. She has apologized several times, and in the end it’s her business when she publishes what and where," writes a fan on instagram. "Art simply takes its time."

Originally, meyer-landrut wanted to start her album tour already at the beginning of 2018. She justified the postponement to the fall at the time with a "creative crisis" in album production.

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