Life sentence for attack against referee

It is a criminal play, as it is in its dramaturgy, its whole condemnations and turns also hard-boiled sport judges experience rather rarely. A story that certainly does not reflect the normal madness, but rather the wild outgrowths of a society that is becoming more and more disinhibited. The stage is the sports field of the wurttemberg fubball club SV edelfingen. Am 8. September the reserve teams of edelfingen and DJK SG oberkessach will meet there.

If you follow the script, it’s a game of astonishing triviality: lowest class, hardly any audience, sporting meaninglessness. The action goes on for 83 minutes, then it comes to excess – without warning, as it will later be recorded in the court minutes. The referee is knocked down, is briefly dazed – and stops the game. The offender, 45 years old, is a player for SV edelfingen and the father of a son who is also on the pitch. The court’s investigations later reveal that the hitter runs a boxing gym.

What makes a player lose his temper like that?? In this case, it is probably the nullity of a yellow card, which the impartial (38) imposed on the son. The father begins to complain, also sees the yellow card and – when he does not calm down – yellow-red. The events on the field culminate abruptly. The father, furious with rage, clenches his fist and gives the referee – as the witnesses before the sports court describe it – a "very massive blow" to the head. The hit staggers, moments later he breaks off the game.

In the evening he is examined by a doctor. He reports his tormentor to the police. The son of the alleged hitter is also found guilty of misconduct by the sports court. He allegedly pulled down a player from oberkessach who tried to help the referee. "After that he threatened him and spat at him," according to the court record.

The sports court of hohenlohe reopens the case, in all its disgusting details and incriminating details. Father and son had only joined SV edelfingen in june. The club immediately kicked them out after the confrontation, is embarrassed – he distances himself, apologizes, even in public, through the local media. The sports court absolves the club of all blame – such a derailment could not have been foreseen. The verdicts against the two provocateurs are all the harsher: the 45-year-old is sent off as a player until 13. January 2015 blocked, but that is not enough for the chamber. She wants to demonstrate determination and send a signal of deterrence. She notes the particular seriousness of the offense.

What in the ordinary courts means that a perpetrator is not automatically released after the expiry of his sentence is transferred to the sports legal level: it is not certain whether the player who has fallen off the wagon will ever again be allowed to play a football on a wurttemberg sports field. The court has requested that he be expelled from the association. Lifetime. Now it’s the turn of the association sports court. It can grant the request or mitigate it – if it finds mitigating circumstances somewhere in this case.

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