Lots of wood for the highest bidder

Lots of wood for the highest bidder

For years, the honorary board of the "lauertaler musikanten" has been organizing the "lauertaler musikanten" with his team of helpers the "american auction of the christmas tree standing on the market place.

Here, each bidder submits a manageable bid in a time window known only to the organizer, which is also paid in at once. At the sounding of the signal the last bidder gets the contract.

600 euros won

Mostly, however, the participants are only marginally concerned with the offered object and primarily with the support of the project, which is to be financed with the proceeds, and with the donation to the event. About any amount of wood of the almost ten meter high nordmann fir from the garden of the "tree sponsor" joachim botsch then dominik then from burglauer was able to rejoice. The auction raised over 600 euro, which is traditionally donated to a social project. "Great weather, fortunately also many younger visitors, motivated helpers – all in all a complete success" beamed wolfgang botsch with satisfaction. The "lauertaler musikanten" played the music under the direction of hubert ziegler, his last christmas tree as burgermeister was auctioned off by burgermeister kurt back, who will not run for a new term of office.

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