Obstruction of emergency vehicles could be punished more severely

Obstruction of emergency vehicles could be punished more severely

Drivers who obstruct rescue workers and police cars could soon face even more extensive consequences than previously planned.

In its last session before the election, the bundesrat will vote on friday to impose drastically higher fines across the board – and not just for blocking emergency lanes when traffic is at a standstill, for example on freeways, as has been the case up to now.

The state chamber’s transportation committee now recommends that the bundesrat approve a federal government ordinance with amendments. According to the agreement, a fine of 240 euros and a one-month driving ban will be imposed if drivers do not immediately clear the way for emergency vehicles with blue lights and horns – regardless of whether there is an emergency lane. In the worst case with property damage it should be 320 euros plus one month driving ban. If the federal council agrees, this will become part of the regulation – unless the government withdraws it altogether.

There are already plans to make blocking emergency lanes punishable by a minimum fine of 200 euros – up to a maximum of 320 euros plus a one-month driving ban. The bundesrat traffic committee argues that both regulations should enable workers to reach their workplaces quickly. Therefore, violations should be of equal severity, which up to now have been punished with a 20 euro fine in both cases. It is not yet clear when the tightening will come into force. This is foreseen for the day after the declaration.

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