Songs on a summer evening

songs on a summer evening

The songs were about life and told stories of everyday life, love and longings or were messages for inner matters that can be simply enjoyed. It was "songs on a summer evening", who impressed with their lyrics and melodies, caught the listeners' ears and with their varied repertoire offered the many singers a platform for a brilliant evening of songs, but also gave the listeners a special musical pleasure. No wonder the series of "evening serenades" is so popular meets such a rough reception every year

this concert was carried by about 140 singers from six different choirs of the "sangerlust eltmann", which seems to attract more and more singers from different age groups as if from an inexhaustible fund. It is important to know that the "sangerlust" was founded in 1878 and was a "mannergesangverein" for 120 years. In 1998 the turn came with the foundation of a women's choir and this was followed in 2005 by the children's choir "wallburgspatzen", the youth choir "cantarella (2007) and the teen and project choir 2014.

"He who chooses the music"

There is hardly a singing club in the district that can look back on such a powerful group of singers, with children and young people now performing in four choirs, and there is no need to worry about new blood. So the young people opened the evening with the song "who chooses the music" after a text of martin luther and sang "who erkiest the music, has got a heavenly good. For its first origin came from the sky itself" and the next title was "music, the most beautiful language in the world".

"Laughing together makes spab"

Nothing else could have fit better than the fairy tale character "tabaluga" by peter maffay, which is intended for children and which the youngest children translated into music with particular enthusiasm. The "children's choir under the direction of sonja wibmuller the song "laughing together makes fun" was added in addition, the song for the action day music bavaria 2018, in which it hit: "what do we want to do today? The sun is shining, a beautiful day. We have a lot to laugh with music that everyone likes."
The teen choir also gave a great performance with the well-known song by andreas bourani "only in my head, I can conquer the world in three seconds, storm the sky and live in myself". It's all in my head."

Medley of 25 songs

A special contribution was made by the youth choir, consisting of 27 girls and young men, who, together with their leader sonja wibmuller, had put together a medley of 25 songs on the occasion of their tenth anniversary, which lasted 18 minutes. But no one was bored, because the titles ranged from "the thoughts are free" by judy garland about "fly away and "over the rainbow" by judy garland to the a cappella song "they something" and the "mainathlon song", which they even recorded in a sound studio.

Women's quartet "sellawie

With the women's quartet "sellawie" five young ladies (regina huber, sabine, kerstin and julia muller as well as johanna hornung on the guitar) came on the stage. They revealed their motivation and secret for their first performance. "All good ideas come from regina, who also likes the food. That's why you can't have a rehearsal without a proper snack. With us you can hear songs that are not on the radio". No wonder that everyone was curious to see what the group would offer. Its title "in every woman there is a piece of yeast" revealed at least something, and with every line they raised the mood in the hall – perhaps because every listener was also thinking a little about themselves? "I was only looking at the chocolate. The cream has crawled into my mouth by itself, that can't be at all. I've never had a ring on my belly and suddenly I have two. My pants never shrink in the long, suddenly it is no longer true in the wide. In every woman there is a piece of yeast. The little slut pretends to be asleep. But suddenly the time comes, women be ready, then the yeast rises, so is our life course – despite yogurt the belly sloshes".

When at this point the applause didn't want to stop and there were many men among them, the head of the spab choir said "but some men do too". And exactly at this point it went into the break for food and drink.

Immediately after the break, the ladies of "sellawie" and but the gentlemen were taking the mickey with the title "once again to be had, once again we are suddenly all alone. But who really knew our old men, woman, that's no reason to be sad."

The women's choir rewarded again with the song "music is my life" and "that day" under her conductor armin muller. With this performance, he was, however, said goodbye after four years with great thanks, because he has to give up the leadership of the choir for professional reasons. Together with the teenie-choir the women sang the well-known catchy tune "I never wanted to be grown up" and the "mainathlon-song" by peter maffay and received rough applause for it.

The young ladies "cantatett then enthused with "dear future husband and "ex's& oh's" by mark brymer, before the mannerchor under regina huber with "wochenend' und sonnenschein" into the swinging 30's and next to the "good advice" still to billy joel's song "the longest time came. "If you say goodbye tonight, there's still music. I am the voice that you hear in the hallway, and that is the greatest wonder of all".

Sarah scheuring and regina huber had entertainingly moderated the program parts and chairwoman ursula bauer took the opportunity, together with H. Brandt of the sangergruppe habberge honoring deserving members. These were the young people for five and a half hours. Ten years of active singing: gina angebrand, lukas halpfer, dominik stapf, lorenz zettelmeier and kaja pfuhlmann.
For 40 years of loyalty were awarded: gunter sommer and hans reuther; for 50 years herbert weigand and for 60 years veit laubmeister. During this lively evening, it almost went unnoticed that the sangerlust choir was celebrating its 140th anniversary this year. The choir celebrates its 20th anniversary and the women's choir its 20th anniversary.
All participating choruses gave themselves, but also their listeners, the greatest gift of all. In addition, a number of instrumentalists also took part, such as gisa leitner (piano), sonja wibmuller (piano), christian leitner and johann hornung (guitar) and hendrik thielsch (drums). Lukas halpfer and his team took care of the light and sound engineering.
All the choruses and 300 guests in the stadthalle came to a brilliant conclusion, with the eltmann film playing in the background with the song "heimat" by johannes ording and the visitors joined in the franken- and eltmann-song.

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