Sony sends playstation 4 into race against next xbox

Sony sends playstation 4 into race against next xbox

Sony can thus be sure of a strong start – at least in the early days, patrick soderlund, head of electronic arts studios, told dpa. Sony plans to sell five million units by next april. Thus, the new high-tech toy clearly surpassed the vorganger model. In europe, the playstation 4 will also be on sale before christmas.

The industry is hoping for an enormous boost from the new generation of game consoles. The current models have been on the market for more than seven years. "At gamescom in koln, we saw that there is a rough demand among consumers for new hardware," soderlund pointed out.

And every generation so far has also produced new types of games. Most recently, according to the magazine "focus," sales of playstation 3, xbox 360 had plummeted in germany, and nintendo’s wii U is still struggling to get off the ground. Many interested parties were allowed to hold back and wait for the sales launch of the new devices.

Market observers expect a neck-and-neck race between the two consoles. But because of greater brand recognition, especially in europe and japan, sony could outsell the xbox one in the medium term through 2017, estimates piers harding-rolls, an analyst with consulting firm IHS. Both, however, were allowed to benefit from the weak start of nintendo’s wii U, harding-rolls suspects.

For the first time, the japanese company is not launching a playstation in its traditional home market first, but is starting in the U.S., where microsoft is ahead with its xbox. On 29. The launch in europe will follow in november, and the console will not be available in japan until the 22nd. February 2014. Despite the one-week head start, microsoft was able to catch up quickly: the worldwide launch of the xbox one is planned for 22. November planned.

Sony has so far been able to profit from an unsuccessful start by the opponent. With a lurching course, microsoft initially scared off many potential fans of its xbox one and drove them into the outstretched arms of sony.

First, microsoft wanted to enforce an online obligation, for example to be able to block pirate copies. The cameras used for kinect motion control should not be able to be turned off, nor should microphones for voice control. The xbox one was quickly criticized as a "cuddly box" and also attracted the attention of data protection authorities. After a storm of indignation, microsoft finally rowed back.

After that, however, sony also came under fire. Various media reports point out that in the current software terms of use, for example, an explicit permission for the resale of used games is required. Critics interpret these DRM clauses as a hidden restriction. However, a sony spokesperson emphasized that sony does not impose any restrictions on the handling of used software and that the company’s earlier announcements have not changed.

Sony offers the playstation 4 at a price of 399 euros, around 100 euros less than the xbox one. However, industry observers assume that both console manufacturers will drop prices earlier than before for the new generation.

Above all, the hardware equipment suggests this, said bobby kotick, head of the development studio activision, according to "gamesindustry". For the first time, both consoles are equipped with x86 processors from AMD instead of special chip developments, which are also used in pcs. This could be especially helpful for game developers. New games will be much easier to develop and port to other platforms, said soderlund.

In the end, the new generation of consoles will also have to prove itself against the competition of the personal computer. Many modern pcs are now more powerful than at least the current game consoles on the market. But that doesn’t make the consoles obsolete, brian hayes, creative director at electronic arts in canada, told gamingbolt. High-end pcs always push the limits of what is technically feasible, hayes said. But console games like "the last of us" or "GTA 5" will continue to excite players in the future.

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