Sparkasse bad kissingen: record year for properties

Sparkasse bad kissingen: record year for properties

The balance sheet total is up slightly, the balance sheet profit is down slightly compared to the previous year – when the management board of sparkasse bad kissingen looks back on 2018, there is nothing to report of extreme swings up or down. All in all, according to the words of its chairman of the board, roland friedrich, the sparkasse is satisfied with the business year. In view of the difficult conditions, such as the sluggish interest surplus, the sparkasse is able to live with the development of the past year.

In figures, this means that the average balance sheet total "increased slightly by 5.3 million euros to 1.603 billion euros," said the long-serving hall spokesman reported friedrich. The savings bank has served 45,800 customers. In purely mathematical terms, almost every second inhabitant of the district is a customer of the company. Friedrich reported a balance sheet profit of 1.1 million euros for 2018. That was "surprising" less than the year before (1.4 million euro). The profit will be used to further strengthen equity capital.

The details of business development at the sparkasse make it clear where the bank is affected by the general development of the economy and society. Last year, the customers of the savings bank had 59.3 million euros newly invested in their accounts and deposits there. This means a 3.8 percent increase in customers’ assets under management. Customers had thus entrusted the savings bank with a total of more than 1.6 billion euros. Friedrich sees this as confirmation that the savings bank is "a safe place to invest" asked. From a purely economic point of view, however, this is actually more of a burden on the savings bank because it has to pay a custodian fee for investments that it is unable to lend out again.

In terms of securities, the sparkasse achieved net sales of 84.5 million euros in 2018. With regard to securities as part of asset formation, however, germany is still a "developing country", said friedrich. In view of the current interest rate situation, it is a recommendable contribution to asset accumulation to work with broad-based fund savings plans in small monthly amounts.

In 2018, the savings bank increased its life insurance brokerage by around 20 percent, both in terms of premiums and the number of policies taken out. The total property insurance portfolio increased by nine percent, he said. On the subject of real estate, friedrich reported a record year from the savings bank’s point of view. He put the price volume of the properties brokered at just under ten million euros. This corresponds to an increase of 30.9 percent. Demand on the real estate market in bad kissingen remained very high. In hammelburg, supply and demand balanced each other out, and in bad bruckenau, supply was slightly higher than demand. The general increase in real estate sales also paid off for the sparkasse in terms of demand for loans. Financing increased by 41.6 million euros, or 5.6 percent, to 783.5 million euros. New loan approvals in 2018 even amounted to 172.8 million euros," said friedrich. So, in return, there has also been intensive amortization.

Net interest income at the sparkasse was not favorable in 2018, but was typical of the period. 25.8 million euros were mentioned by friedrich here. That is two million, or 7.2 percent, less than in the previous year. Structural factors would lead to a further decline in net interest income. Countermeasures are necessary.

Personnel costs, which accounted for two-thirds of total costs, had increased by 1.7 percent. The collective wage increase of 3.19 percent could only be partially compensated for. In 2018, the savings bank’s property, plant and equipment decreased by 5.8 percent, or 420,000 euros, i.E. Significantly.

Friedrich put the trade tax paid by sparkasse bad kissingen to the municipalities in the district at 1.3 million euros in 2018. The credit institution also acted as a sponsor and donor. 220,000 euros were made available by the bank for charitable purposes and institutions in 2018. The company discloses the number of employees as of 31 december 2009. December 2018 with 323 people at. The average age of employees is 46.2 years. The part-time rate is 37 percent.

The topics on which the sparkasse and its customers come into contact with each other have changed significantly. Standard service is increasingly taking a back seat in the branches. At the same time, the demand for "high-quality advice" is increasing. The savings bank is not attacking its network of 17 branches with personal advice, two self-service branches and 26 atms, as well as monthly visits to two residential parks for senior citizens. The number of clicks on the internet branch of sparkasse bad kissingen rose from 5.8 million in 2010 to 14.7 million in 2018.

What do friedrich and rendl expect for the next few years?? Low or zero interest rates could remain permanent construction sites for a while. The number of employees will continue to fall. Friedrich also expects a return to balance sheet profits. The sparkasse must compensate for this by improving efficiency.Siegfried farkas

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