The chance furs hochstadter eisstadion

the chance furs hochstadter eisstadion

The ice stadium in hochstadt has been in operation for 40 years. In the meantime, however, there is an enormous need for renovation at this recreational facility, which is appreciated throughout the region. This could be tackled in broad terms as early as next year, if the city succeeds in being included in a federal demand program launched at short notice.

The city of hochstadt and its ice stadium applied for the grant. On monday evening, the city council quickly reached a consensus and passed the necessary resolution to make the bid complete. Now it only remains to hope that the hochstadter project comes on the list of the forderprogramm.

"It’s the right project at the right time", said mayor gerald brehm (JL) at the meeting. He believes the city has a chance, even though it was not until the end of july that the government of central franconia informed the city of the federal government’s call for projects. It was difficult to find an engineering firm on short notice that could deliver a project sketch with a cost estimate on time, brehm said.

The program "renovation of municipal facilities in the fields of sports, youth and culture" according to the call for proposals, the project is "part of the federal government’s future investment program and is aimed at eliminating the investment backlog in social infrastructure". Investment projects with a particularly social and integrative effect are required, according to the call for projects.

In this program the federal government provides 100 million euros. 45 percent subsidy is available for the projects. The federal government’s claim is said to be between one and four million euros.

For the 40-year-old hochstadter ice stadium, the program would be the ideal way to restore the sports facility for decades to come. The engineering firm moller und meyer in gotha has examined the stadium and identified a need for renovation of 5.3 million euro. With a 45 percent grant, the city was able to tackle this rough solution, raise its own share and implement it in the 2019 budget, explained the mayor.

The challenge program solved the major problems in the ice rink stadium. The ice rink, the ice surface including the processing technology and the roof had to be renewed. Hochstadt has two top clubs in the city, the ESC and the HEC, which use the ice stadium and do a lot of youth work with children from all over the region, said brehm.

This is what the numerous officials of the hochstadter ice hockey club (HEC) who came to the meeting particularly like to hear. Your club has been promoted to the top league again this year and offers top-class ice hockey for fans from near and far every weekend. JL councillor and HEC founder axel rogner pointed out that the HEC is now competing with traditional clubs such as rosenheim, landshut and riessersee, but currently has the worst stadium in the league. Rogner thanked the administration for having acted so quickly with the application.

CSU spokesman alexander schulz could only "unreservedly agree". Andreas hanjes (SPD) also agreed with his faction, but recalled that there was still a contribution of three million and that there were also soccer clubs that did not have showers. But why should only the big cities ever get the money, hanjes says.

If the ice stadium does not make it into the challenge program, we will have to think about something, said the mayor.

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