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Some important decisions were made by the members of the open circle bad rodach/grune at their recent meeting. In order to be better prepared for the upcoming municipal election campaign, the structure was decisively improved. In the future, there will be two spokespersons at the top, who will not only lead the electoral group, but also represent it to the outside world. Karin ritz and werner zoufal were unanimously elected to this office.

Erika wallmann was appointed secretary and thomas ritz treasurer, also without a dissenting vote. Another item on the agenda was the preparation of a list of candidates for the upcoming city council elections. Progress has been made, giving reason to hope that a convincing list of candidates can be put forward for the election.

A large part of the meeting was devoted to the search for topics that would win over the burghers. It has become clear that environmental protection and nature conservation are of paramount importance. The necessity for this was especially proven by the processes around the topic of "auwaldchen". It was a pleasure to see how sensitized large parts of the population have become to this issue. One of the election campaign issues will certainly be public transport payments.

At the end of the meeting, all members agreed that, in view of the good results of the green party, they could go into the 2020 local elections with optimism.

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