Why the coburg gmd search is suddenly complicated by the erfurt gmd search

Why the coburg gmd search is suddenly complicated by the erfurt gmd search

Actually. Three candidates made it to the final round of the selection process for the successor to general music director roland kluttig. But now it looks as if the artistic three-way fight could turn into a two-way fight after all.

What happened? The malaysian-born conductor harish shankar, who has appeared on the concert podium as well as in an opera performance of "carmen," is a great success-the performance had left a lasting impression, is no longer available without restriction – or more precisely: probably only temporarily.

Because shankar is to become GMD in erfurt – but not until 2022.

This was reported in the ostthuringer zeitung and caused a stir in coburg with this news. "Harish shankar is not out of the running for coburg", coburg’s intendant bernhard F. Loges on demand, even if shankar has signaled erfurt’s intendant guy montavron’s willingness to be available from 2022 onwards.

Originally, erfurt had already advertised the GMD position for 2020. "I am aware of the proceedings in erfurt and am also in discussion with my colleague guy montavon", says loges and has by no means given up hope that shankar could still be a serious option for coburg.

The procedure in erfurt, at least, is currently still fraught with question marks. In any case, loges emphasizes that there was "very good communication" with all three GMD aspirants in coburg given in advance – with harish shankar, daniel carter and moritz gnann, who will perform the 3. Symphony concert and the concertino conducted on saturday.

There will be no changes to the current timetable for the coburg GMD search for the time being, loges assured. On thursday, loges will meet with the orchestra’s board of directors as agreed. The orchestra’s board of directors will present and discuss the orchestra’s recommendation for one of the three candidates.

Coburg’s intendant is unexpectedly faced with a tricky selection challenge due to the effects of the erfurt GMD search – always assuming that the orchestra and theater management should jointly favor harish shankar.

Coburg’s intendant bernhard F. Loges, at any rate, has no doubt that the future general music director should definitely sign on for more than just two years at the landestheater.

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