82-Year-old ghost driver causes fatal crash on a81 motorway

82-year-old ghost driver causes fatal crash on a81 motorway

Rescue workers took the 75-year-old wife of the wrong-way driver and two 45- and 23-year-old passengers of the 40-year-old to hospitals with serious injuries. The fatally injured 40-year-old was sitting on the back seat of the car against which the ghost driver had crashed.

According to a witness, the wrong-way driver was already on the road at around 4:00 a.M.30 o’clock because of the very slow driving noticed. According to the initial findings of the police in stuttgart, the 82-year-old got on the wrong lane in the direction of the A831 and then onto the A81, where he was traveling in the direction of lake constance. "Where the ride of the couple began and the destination has not yet been determined," the police announced. On the 14-kilometer stretch between stuttgart and the accident site, the wrong-way driver hit at least five vehicles with his car and endangered numerous motorists.

The police were unable to prevent the crash according to their own statements. "The distance was so short – by the time the police were on the scene and could do anything or finally stop him, the accident had already happened," said police spokesman eckhard salo. At the scene of the accident between the boblingen/sindelfingen and hulb junctions, the debris was spread out. The engine compartments of both cars were torn open and crushed together.

He could not yet say anything about the man’s condition before the accident, the reasons for his stay in stuttgart, whether he had perhaps driven through the night or about possible motives for the ghost drive, salo said. The car of the 82-year-old had a license plate from the district of mettmann near dusseldorf. The man’s wife was initially unresponsive. According to initial estimates, the police put the total damage at around 110,000 euros.

The highway in the direction of stuttgart remained fully closed until morning. In the direction of stuttgart, a traffic jam up to 12 kilometers long formed in the meantime; in the direction of singen, onlookers caused a traffic jam of around four kilometers.

Time and again, wrong-way driving leads to serious accidents that are often fatal, especially on highways because of the high speeds involved. Only last week, a ghost driver caused an accident in bavaria in which a woman died. A few days earlier, two people were killed in a wrong-way accident in lower bavaria.

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