A plea for a strong europe

A plea for a strong europe

The kups SPD community association focuses on the european elections at a meeting in the horther inn in johannisthal. Community association chairman ralf pohl was pleased to be able to bury the candidate of the upper franconia SPD, martin lucke, as keynote speaker at this event. Martin lucke is a specialist in anesthesia and emergency medicine and works at coburg hospital, where he is also chairman of the works council. He is on the state list of bavaria on place five and on the nationwide election list lucke is on place 38. In germany, the 26th. May elected. The candidate, who lives in coburg, has been a member of the city council since 2002.

Full of pride, he informs at the outset that the works council of the hospital, where he serves as chairman, was awarded the german works council award in gold in 2017. The award was given because, after 18 years of struggle, it was possible to make all the red cross nurses of the BRK nurses’ association "genuine employees of klinikum coburg gmbh who are bound by collective bargaining agreements, and to end their role as contract workers, which had lasted for more than 100 years", so lucke. He adds: "working conditions like in the imperial era no longer fit into our world!" And that brings him to one of the most important social democratic goals, namely to have as many employees as possible protected by collective bargaining agreements. He emphasizes how important europe is today and sees the strikes at audi in hungary as proof of the effective export of european social standards. Equal wage levels in germany and hungary will secure jobs in the long term.

Looking back on two world wars in the past century, he makes clear how important europe really is for peace. He points out that it is a great achievement when people like charles de gaulle, konrad adenauer, willi brandt, helmut schmidt, valery giscard d’estaing, helmut kohl, francois mitterand and now angela merkel and emmanuel macron have managed within a generation to turn "hereditary enemies" into "enemies of the people" good neighbors and allies were.

The very long peace has made us prosperous, europe create and secure jobs. The freedom from customs duties in our internal market, the largest in the world, is a locational advantage that other regions of the world envy us for.

Lucke also advocates a free trade zone with central and sudafrican countries. If we succeed in creating industrial production facilities in these growth societies, we will open up the future markets for our products.

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