All men return to the zeulner town hall

All men return to the Zeulner town hall

Last friday, the employees of the building yards in hochstadt and marktzeuln were already jerking up at 7 a.M. To haul away moving boxes and furniture. For four and a half years the administration was housed in the school. Now it's back to the newly renovated old town hall.
Despite all the work, there is something of a spirit of optimism among the employees on friday. Even if it is a bit of a challenge to rehouse the rough part of the barrier, as mayor gregor friedlein zech (freie wahler) explains. In the course of the renovation, the old room layout was restored for reasons of statics. Where there used to be solid walls, there are now glass walls. In addition, the upper floor cannot be used for the registry for structural reasons. Files and folders that are not needed immediately will remain in the school basement.
In his old office, head of business manfred schutz is in the process of putting some files into one of the moving boxes. He, too, is looking forward to moving back into the town hall. "Because I like the atmosphere of the town hall better", says schutz. His office was housed in the school in a former classroom. In the town hall, they have to make do with much less space. "But the work is the same here as there."
Nearly 100 boxes are shuttled back and forth between the school and the town hall, filled, emptied and filled again. Each employee of the administration is responsible for the relocation of his or her own work area.
While some employees are still busy clearing out barriers, almost everything is already done in the newly set up burgerburo in the town hall. For the registry office and the burgerburo, the administrative community has purchased new mobiles. Cornelia bremer didn't have to wait for her furniture, but was able to empty her boxes right away and put everything away again. In the new environment, an old, mechanical typewriter looks like an exotic object. This is not a nostalgic reminder, but rather an object of utility that is used in certain cases. "I'd rather use it than an electric one, because you can clamp a whole pack of forms in it", reports bremer.
It's not just the filing cabinet and the files that are moving; the entire IT system also has to be reinstalled. The heart of the system is in the basement of the town hall. "Every move is its own challenge", explains gabriel streanga, employee of a telecommunications company. He and his colleague mano mazurek are responsible for bringing all the connections back together so that all the end devices can communicate with each other again. The preconditions for this have already been created in advance by space planners, furniture specialists and electricians.

Move-in ceremony? – let's see!
Is there such a thing as a move-in ceremony?? "That's a good question", mayor friedlein-zech is visibly surprised. He has not yet given it a second thought. Since a new social room was created in the course of the renovation work, the mayor can well imagine a small re-move-in celebration.
This monday, the employees of the two building yards will move more boxes and furniture from the school to the town hall. The employees in the administration will continue to tidy up their lockers. In urgent cases, the people of marktzeulen can turn to the town hall in hochstadt with their concerns.

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