Banksy mural against imprisonment of turkish artist

Banksy mural against imprisonment of turkish artist

The british street artist banksy has protested with a crude mural in new york against the imprisonment of the turkish-kurdish artist zehra do?An protests. The painter and journalist was reportedly sentenced to almost three years in prison in march 2017.

Banksy’s work, which is about 20 meters wide, shows a tally sheet representing the days of her sentence, which at one point is also a prison grid. Behind it looks do?An’s head out. "Free zehra dogan" is written in a corner.

"Sentenced to almost three years for painting a single picture," banksy wrote to a photo of the work on instagram. "I really feel for her. I have painted things that are much more deserving of a prison sentence," he told the "new york times".

Reason for do?Ans imprisonment is her watercolor painting of the kurdish town of nusaybin in the turkish province of mardin, based on a newspaper photo. The city was partially destroyed in fighting between kurdish militias and the turkish military in 2015. Banksy published a picture of do?Ans work on instagram, linked to turkish president recep tayyip erdo?An and called for imitation. According to the "new york times" do?To still serve 18 months of her sentence and female nothing of banksys mural.

Banksy, who has often made political noise with his work, recently had a picture of one of his famous rats on the facade of a house appear in new york. How long the artist, who works strictly anonymously, will stay in the metropolis and whether further work is planned was unclear on friday.

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