Board enjoys trust

The main focus of the well-attended annual meeting of the mistelfeld CSU local association at the fischer restaurant was the election of the new executive committee. Chairman bernd kraub was unanimously confirmed in office.

Kraub was able to report a pleasing development in membership and a good mix of young and old.

Secretary jurgen werner looked back on the most important events of the past year, both in political and social terms. The team had participated in the carnival parade and the flakkerfest and had put up the christmas tree donated by the gartnerei grieber at the church during the advent season.

Jurgen werner was pleased to announce that bernd kraub will join the 10. September for christian schedel he succeeded to the city council.

CSU district chairman christian meibner addressed a number of issues raised by the audience. Not everything is going perfectly at the recently opened hospital. It is important, however, that the medical sector is working well. The parking garage has proved too small, but a solution is being worked on.

The district is looking for an investor for the renovation of the old clinic building. Regiomed could be an anchor tenant here with the nursing school and the medical school. The central kitchen, which is currently under construction, should be operational before the end of the year and will also supply the lichtenfels clinical center.

Construction of highway 173 will take six years, meibner says. He will propose to the county council a reduction of the county levy by two to 40.5 points, the county administrator concluded.

Second mayor sabine riebner, who is also the deputy chairwoman of the lichtenfels CSU local association, reported on what was happening in the city. In addition to the mandatory tasks, the development of new commercial and residential areas is important. She also highlighted the urban development process launched in 2018. A "vision 2030" was the goal for lichtenfels has been worked out. The citizens of burgenland were able to report on the results so far on friday, 10. May, in the town hall, inform and at the same time contribute with their ideas.

The local association chairman was pleased to be able to honor two members, annemarie and georg hupfer, for their 15 years of loyalty to the CSU. 

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