Board without chairman

No chairman has found the hammelburger tafel in the youngest members meeting. The post has been vacant since the death of dieter roth. No candidate stood for election at the meeting.

The other board members were unanimously elected under the chairmanship of mayor armin warmuth: ewald hupp as 2. Chairman, luise smolik as treasurer, werner bergmann as secretary, and elfriede dickert, ramona lell and margarete seidemann as committee members. This team will lead the board until the extraordinary general meeting, which will take place in autumn.

Until then, a candidate will be found, or a proposal for a change of the statutes will be presented, which reacts to this situation in an appropriate and legally correct way. For all those present agreed: the work of the tafel must be continued.

This was also shown by the activity report of werner bergmann, who listed a large number of activities. In addition, there were investments in energy-saving equipment. Bergmann thanked the helpers who took on new tasks to fill the gap left by dieter roth’s death. Support had also come from the colleagues of the boards from bad kissingen and bad bruckenau.

The balance sheet, presented by treasurer luise smolik, shows a small minus compared to the previous year, which is comparable to the fluctuations of the last years.

Mayor warmuth described the work of the food bank as an "incredibly important service for the city and for the entire region". He also promised the city’s support in this difficult situation. He hopes that someone will soon be found to run for the presidency.

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