Christina aguilera worries about reactions of her children

christina aguilera worries about reactions of her children

US pop star christina aguilera (37) sometimes worries about what her now ten- and three-year-old children will think of her performance later on.

Aguilera told the apple radio show "beats 1" that she was particularly concerned about older songs such as the single "dirrty," released in 2002, in whose music video she dances in a boxing ring while lightly clad. "I think of the day when my daughter and son see ‘dirrty’ and what they will think then."

But she hopes they will understand that what is right for her may not be right for her daughter or other women – but it is "the way I feel strong in my own body and show my strength – and that’s the way I had to be when I was 21".

She wants her daughter to be "a smart, independent woman, too," and her son to respect women, aguilera added. The singer releases her new album "liberation" in a few days.

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