“Ebser police chief” goes into retirement

In the presence of numerous guests of honor, including district administrator hermann ulm, state parliament members michael hofmann (CSU) and sebastian korber (FDP), and many mayors of the communities in the protection area of the ebermannstadt police department, police president alfons schieder bid farewell to ebermannstadt’s long-serving police chief manfred hanchen, who is retiring. After receiving the honorary medal of the police prasidium of upper franconia, the outgoing head of the department received a long round of applause.

With the 34-year-old police superintendent daniel hartmann, a native of bayreuth will take over responsibility for the management of the ebermannstadt police department for the next six months. Only for six months, also because hartmann will then continue his studies.

Hired in 1980

Manfred hanchen, who was born in ebermannstadt and is 60 years old, was hired in 1980 as a member of what was then the intermediate police force. After completing his training, he served for several years with the police in erlangen before returning to his home in upper franconia in 1984.

After studying for promotion to what was then the upper echelons of the police, manfred hanchen first worked as a squad leader at various police stations before taking over as head of the bayreuth task force in 1997 and as head of the bayreuth supplementary operational services in 2009. Since 2013, first police chief inspector manfred hanchen schlieblich has been acting as chief of his home station in ebermannstadt.

"Retained leadership

"With his retirement, the police prasidium of upper franconia loses an experienced and proven leader", says schieder. Hanchen now wants to retire to spend more time with his family and pursue his hobbies of hunting, hiking and motorcycling. In addition, he is active in numerous associations and, since this election period, has been the third mayor of gobweinstein for the CSU. Hanchen especially buried his new "part-time employer" during his farewell speech mayor hanngorg zimmermann (). Despite stressful and turbulent times, hanchen looked back fondly on his 43 years with the police, which for him were "a fulfilling time" was: "i liked being a policeman and i will do it again", so hanchen, the "ebser police chief" for eight years and two months was.

In retrospect, he should have acted differently in many organizational or personnel decisions from today’s perspective. "I may or may not admit to mistakes", emphasized hanchen. But there is one thing he is particularly proud of. In the past eight years, there has been only one legitimate complaint against one of his officers, which was followed up on. Despite the workload and thin staffing levels – the ebermannstadt police force has 38 employees who are responsible for 38,000 residents in 370 square kilometers of its catchment area – the citizens’ sense of security is very high, according to hanchen.

High clearance rate

The clearance rate for criminal offenses at the ebermannstadt police station is 71 percent. Under hanchen, numerous security concepts were jointly developed.

The walberlafest, one of the most popular events in northern bavaria, was actually held today without any police at all. In recent years, a good network has been built up with the municipalities, authorities, aid organizations, schools and the youth welfare office. Hanchen is particularly proud of this.

His temporary successor, daniel hartmann, was hired in 2004 as a middle police officer and after successfully completing his training, he initially served in an operational unit of the bavarian riot police. After several years of service in the ingolstadt area, hartmann returned to upper franconia in 2011, before being given the opportunity to qualify for promotion to the upper echelons of the civil service by means of a course of study in 2014.

After completing his studies, daniel hartmann was employed at various police stations before he was given the opportunity to apply for promotion to the 4th grade in the course of a call for applications. Qualification level to be recommended.

For daniel hartmann, the six-month probationary period as head of the ebermannstadt police station marks the end of the challenge process. In his speech, police president alfons schieder praised the achievements of the two officers to date, while at the same time emphasizing the high demands placed on a modern driving force and expressing his delight that, despite the current circumstances, the flexibility of all those involved had made it possible to hold an appropriate and esteeming ceremony. The hygiene rules were of course strictly adhered to and also further grubworte was renounced because of corona.

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