Emergency vehicle for the volunteer fire department approved

The government of lower franconia has given the municipality of castell the green light for the purchase of an HLF 10 fire engine for the volunteer fire department, thus approving an early purchase. By this procurement acceptance a loschgruppenfahrzeug LF 8/6 with year of construction 1992 is replaced, it is called in a press release.

With the approval of the early procurement, the intended acquisition of the emergency rescue group vehicle can be realized as quickly as possible, even if the final demand has not yet been decided by a formal decision. The later state claim is made from funds of the fire protection tax within the framework of the state budget passed by the bavarian state parliament with the authorization of the bavarian state ministry of the interior, for sports and integration. It currently amounts to about 95,500 euros for a HLF 10 fire-fighting vehicle.

An HLF 10 is a fire-fighting vehicle with a fire engine-driven centrifugal pump and a device for rapid water delivery, or a rapid attack device. The water tank holds at least 1,000 liters of water, and there’s room for nine emergency personnel on the truck.

It is used mainly for firefighting, to call for water and to carry out technical assistance services. It forms a self-contained tactical unit with its crew. The maximum permissible total mass of the vehicle is 14,000 kg. In addition, the vehicle can be equipped with additional equipment sets according to local requirements.

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