Herzogenaurach is a safe haven

Herzogenaurach is a safe haven

Bernhard panzer it took a few starts, but now herzogenauracher is a "safe haven, just as the greens had wanted it. Three resolutions at the city council meeting on thursday evening confirmed the commitment to take in cursed people and to make this known via the website of the seebrucke organization.

Already once the city council had voted, but then in july 2019 an approval failed, exactly because of this controversial organization "seebrucke", albeit by the narrowest of margins. A few weeks ago, a demonstration moved to the city hall and demanded that mayor german hacker sign a letter from the action seebrucke to the chancellor may sign. Hacker did not sign. And now there was another application – this time, too, it was a question of joining the seebrucke initiative. This time it worked.

It was a long motion that the five gruns had submitted together with the representative of the "party" (1:2 daniel meyer) had posed. The request consisted of three blocks of content, which were finally voted on separately. All three statements received a majority. Mayor german hacker had brought about this separation by means of an amendment when he realized that some city council members had their problems with a certain passage.

Both other statements were undisputed by the majority, but the introductory sentence was not to everyone’s liking (see infobox for decisions). It says that the city will join the seebrucke initiative and register on its website as a safe haven. Konrad korner (JU) expressed the skepticism in the committee. The organization appeared in public with controversial demands, which he could not support. But the sentence sounds like an unconditional accession. If three items were voted on separately, that would be fair.

Motion defused

Of course, the greens had learned from their first defeat some 15 months ago and limited the motion accordingly to just two demands. They do not want to support all other views of the organization, but they definitely want to declare themselves a safe harbor. "It should be a signal", said retta muller-schimmel. In addition, she had also deleted two passages from the text so that the motion should be able to be passed by a broad majority.

The two non-controversial blocks of resolutions were then also adopted with a clear majority. And even the controversial sentence found a comfortable majority with 18 votes to ten.

In the emotional but largely calm discussion, CSU faction chairman walter drebinger was the first to address the inner conflict of some council members. He made it clear that his vote expressed solidarity with the cursed people, but not with the organization. "The seebrucke is for me only the portal". For the city and its citizens had to give a signal. But his faction could not vote unanimously. Drebinger also thanked the refugee aid organization in herzogenaurach, which is doing an excellent job.


Beforehand, the head of the SPD parliamentary group, holger auernheimer, had assured the approval of his entire group. Disputed points have been deleted from the application "we have looked at everything carefully, we can agree to it."

For konrad korner, chairman of the young union, herzogenaurach has proven that it is a safe place to be. He thanked the greens for seeking talks with the parliamentary groups before the meeting. Korner, too, noted that he was in no way in solidarity with seebrucke and urged that ultimately only the two sentences struck in the later resolution one be voted on.

Michael dassler (FDP) also did not want to identify with the organization or join it. An appeal as in the first resolution had also been enough for him. Manfred welker (), on the other hand, signaled his group’s approval, also because the city should send a signal to its citizens. Roland reichelsdorfer (afd) has consistently rejected the application. The resolved proposal is for him only a lip service, he misses concrete statements instead of phrases.

In between applause

Sandra wustner (SPD) carried the request of the protestant church community for approval into the committee and marc deavin (grune) thought it was important that the cosmopolitan city of herzogenaurach set a sign for human rights. For bernhard schwab (CSU), a pure appeal would have been the right way, but not this proposal. His faction colleague thomas kotzer, on the other hand, demanded, to the applause of the green crowd: "we can’t look the other way, we have to help." And claudia belzer (SPD) appealed, after the also long discussed separation of the resolutions, to all colleagues to take heart, to agree to all three resolutions and thus to send a clear signal: "we do not make a pact with the devil"."

In between, mayor german hacker had noted that the different opinions would show the diversity in the city council. He had no problem with it if it was not unanimous. "You don’t get that on the street either." He too, however, made it clear that he was not prepared to support other principles of seebrucke. It should in no way be interpreted that herzogenaurach, as a safe haven, supports all the demands of the seebrucke.

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