New school councilor warmly buried

New school councilor warmly buried

"School board gets reinforcements today…", some third-graders sang at the start, which made ulrike zettelmeier particularly happy. Last active as principal of the emil fischer elementary school in dorfles-esbach, the native of reckendorf has now taken up a new post on 1 january 2009. On september 2019, the "schnudel" took on a new professional challenge as a school board member of the state education authority in the district of lichtenfels and of the education authority for the city and district of coburg, each with half a position.

At the official inauguration of zettelmeier in the adam-riese-hall in bad staffelstein, there were many good wishes and also words of praise for the first half year since she took up her new position. After the musical prelude – under the direction of bernd donath, boys and girls from classes 3a and 7a of the adamriese school provided the vocal accompaniment – stefanie mayr-leidnecker, director of the school district in lichtenfels, and her colleague from coburg, uwe dorfer, introduced the ceremony by burying numerous guests of honor.

The deputy district administrator of lichtenfels, helmut fischer, and the district administrator of coburg, sebastian straubel, wished the new school administrator every success. Bernhard jebberger, susanne gerhardt and max lachner also spoke on behalf of the local staff councils of the schools in the district of lichtenfels, the city of coburg and the district of coburg.

Lichtenfels school district director leidnecker said, addressing the new school board member, that she had familiarized herself with her new task very quickly. "Zettelmeier continues her half-job in lichtenfels entirely", she gave her a good report after the first six months.

Good report card issued

This was echoed on the coburg side by dorfer, who in his remarks quoted the prayer of theologian reinhold niebuhr: "give me the serenity to accept things that i cannot change, the courage to change things that i can, and the wisdom to distinguish between the one and the other."

"For the job of school supervisor, you need the ability to get to grips with problems, empathy and open-mindedness – and you have them", government vice president thomas engel also considered zettelmeier capable of meeting the challenges that the position of school board member entails. Engel also discussed the numerous aspects of the current understanding of educational work, which are also reflected in the tasks of the school inspector and thus of the new school inspector, including everyday skills, personal development, assistance in choosing a career and, of course, digitalization in 2020.

Engel also highlighted zettelmeier’s life so far. Born in reckendorf – her parents also attended the inauguration – the new school councilor graduated from high school in ebern in 1988, then studied teaching in bamberg and completed her teaching traineeship at schools in dorfles-esbach and zapfendorf. After further positions in ebern and maroldsweisach as a teacher, principal or principal, she has been principal at the elementary school in dorfles-esbach since 2017. In addition, she added, zettelmeier is also politically and socially active as an SPD district councilor in the hassberge district, a city councilor in ebern, and an exercise leader in a sports club.

Being present in both coburg and lichtenfels in her dual role as a school board member, and constantly adapting to the admittedly different local conditions, is certainly a "balancing act"-character, as came up again and again in the speeches. In view of zettelmeier’s many years of experience in the school sector and, as was also emphasized during the inauguration, her human and professional competence, the congratulators were confident that she will master her task.

Then the new school superintendent for lichtenfels and coburg herself took to the lectern. "We teachers have the central task of imparting knowledge and skills to the students entrusted to us, of giving them the tools they need to survive in a society that is increasingly influenced by extremes, and of educating them to become well-behaved, socially competent and tolerant citizens, she summarized her professional understanding. She did not go into details about her new job as a school board member, which can be found on the homepages of the coburg and lichtenfels school boards. Zettelmeier concluded with the words: "my goal as a school councilor, as before as a teacher and principal, is to exemplify values, to be a role model and to build trust in order to do justice to my new role in a new team." Zettelmeier had to shake numerous acts at the inauguration ceremony. What distinguished the new school councilor most of all was her attitude, always forcefully expressed, that the focus of her work is the schoolchildren. It was not without reason that she went directly to the students after her speech and thanked them for their singing.

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