No more boozing for the time being

No more boozing for the time being

Because they regularly party on weekends, drink far too much and have broken windows at least once and thus committed property damage, the juvenile court judge in kitzingen has imposed the 0.5 per mille limit on two young men.

For half a year they have to limit their alcohol consumption. Wolfgang hulle also sent the older of the two to three meetings with the drug counseling service. Hulle described the "cut in life" as urgently necessary: "you have to show them that you have to keep to the limits even on weekends."

The 19- and the 20-year-old did not do that. As on 29. May, when they took the train to dettelbach early in the morning after a night out in wurzburg, they had a good time. In dettelbach train station they struck shortly after 6 o’clock. The 20-year-old grabbed an iron bar and smashed at least two windows of the station building. The younger one, who denied any involvement and even wanted to have prevented worse, at least "tampered" with a stone on one of the windows. He was observed by a witness, so all denial was of no use anymore. For the court he was present despite all protestations.

The main perpetrator, on the other hand, admitted everything from the beginning. The story with the iron bar, for example, where he interjected: "i had a film break, i don’t remember much about it."Nevertheless, the facts of the case were clear, also because of the witness who happened to be passing by. Why the two had struck became clear when the police checked them the same morning. They had drunk considerably. The 19-year-old had a blood alcohol level of just under 1.8, the older one a whopping 2.3. Values that, according to the two, "can certainly come together sometimes".

This is where the court came in. It sentenced both for damage to property under the juvenile criminal law. In addition to 50 hours of social assistance for the main perpetrator and 20 for the runner-up, they each have to pay 150 euros in compensation to the railroads. In addition, there is an alcohol brake for half a year and the notice that failure to comply will result in arrest for up to four weeks.

The 20-year-old himself provided the proof that the order to visit the drug counseling center was necessary. Nuchtern did not even manage to come to the morning hearing. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

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