Pastor bautz hands over the pastoral care of vacationers

pastor bautz hands over the pastoral care of vacationers

Almost 15 years after taking up his post, helmuth bautz was yesterday bidden farewell to the ecumenical chaplaincy for holidaymakers and course participants. However, the pastor will continue to serve in two other functions.

Farewell service – it sounded rougher than it was. Helmuth bautz is leaving, but he’s not going away from bad staffelstein. Only one function he relinquished, figuratively speaking one of a total of three hats. This is how dean stefanie ott-fruhwald put it, who paid tribute to many things that bautz does, especially in the creation of offer formats. There were the course chaplaincy and, among other things, the popular moonlight walk. In this context, ott-fruhwald emphasized that hardly anyone could really get an idea of how strenuous it was to fulfill three partial ministries.

Task has made spab

Now, after taking off his hat, bautz will still be active at the lichtenfels high school and in youth work at the deanery. Bautz himself told our newspaper that after 15 years he had found that he still enjoyed the position. But it is precisely with this memory and in this mood that he wants to hand over this task. In addition, a heart attack suffered in 2017 made it necessary to step back.

In a reading, which he himself gave in front of a packed audience in the dreieinigkeitskirche, he referred to a biblical scene in which peter and john had already shown themselves to be healing and pastoral caregivers.

What does bautz take away from his time as a vacation and course chaplain?? Among other things, there was an awakening moment that opened his eyes to the weight of words and made him realize how carefully they should be used. And there was also this one elderly patient with whom he once had a pastoral conversation years ago and who probably benefited from it. Since then, she reports from her home elsewhere twice a year to order grube. Bautz said he is looking forward to focusing his efforts on the two remaining tasks. His task in the pastoral care of vacationers and courses will now be taken over by his wife, pastor anja bautz.

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