Stopped on the run

After a spectacular robbery, the schweinfurt police stopped three men in flight and made a preliminary arrest. A 46-year-old man from schweinfurt was at around 22.30 o’clock got out of his vehicle when he was suddenly attacked by the trio. He stated that he was attacked with punches, kicks and a stick before the attackers fled in a car. At least one of the perpetrators was known to the 46-year-old. It is said to be the new life of his ex-wife. It is currently the subject of the ongoing investigation, whether it was a relationship act was involved.

After the attack, the perpetrators got into a black mercedes and drove through the city at high speed, ignoring red lights and sometimes crossing into the opposite lane. Police patrols were able to stop the runaway vehicle on the B 303 near niederwerrn.

The three occupants of the car, aged 26, 31 and 62, who come from the districts of schweinfurt and rhon-grabfeld, were arrested beforehand. During a search of the car, police officers seized a baton and a stun gun disguised as a flashlight, in addition to balaclavas.

The accused have so far remained silent on the charges. The 46-year-old was reported to have suffered minor injuries.

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