The agenda has a future

The agenda has a future

There’s life in the old dog yet. The dissolution of the agenda working group, which was founded in 1999 following a city council resolution, has been up in the air for a good six months. At a meeting in march, just three members showed up, not even enough to propose dissolving the working group. For this had to decide again the city council. Numerous projects have been implemented over the years, including the juniper hiking trail and the meadow hiking trail. The old town association and the friends of the upper gate also have their roots in the working group.

Last rough project was the signage in the city center. "It took too much energy, because it took forever", says wilhelm schmitt, who has campaigned for years for signage. "We have no more guts", he emphasizes. Sabine scheuble and hans petsch, who want to build a bible garden, no longer have any comrades-in-arms. " There are no current issues", says wilhelm schmitt. If there is another project and young people are at the forefront, it is quite possible that the old comrades-in-arms will get involved again," says wilhelm schmitt.

Sabine scheuble, who has been taking care of the novice garden for many years together with hans petsch and a few helpers, is adamant: "of course", she says when asked if she is still on board. And this was also true for hans petsch. "We have to do something for munnerstadt." And: "maybe there will be something with our bible garden after all, then a wish of many years was fulfilled." Originally, this was planned for the novice garden, but it now belongs to the federal association of german morticians. In the meantime, the two initiators can also imagine the bible garden in another location.

"I have asked not to dissolve the working group", says mayor helmut blank (CSU). Werner beck, the previous spokesman of the working group, who now lives in ostheim and has signaled his withdrawal, has been contacted by the city administration. "I would like to meet again", according to the head of the city. He wants to introduce new, young people who want to get involved in the future. One is ready to take on the role of spokesman. Who that is, helmut blank is still keeping a low profile. When asked if there is already a project, he jerks out a little with the language: a vineyard near burghausen. Wine has been grown on the michelsberg since time immemorial. "Some of the walls are still standing, says the head of the city. In his opinion this is an ideal project for the agenda-workgroup.

The idea of reviving an old vineyard in the goldgrund area of munnerstadt had already been mooted once before. Ultimately, however, the project had failed due to lack of interest. Helmut blank, however, is sure that the agenda working group in burghausen can make a difference. "Radiation has shown us the way", he says. In the neighboring municipality wine is grown again namlich.

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