Toddler (3) falls into ice-cold brook and is carried away – danger to life

toddler (3) falls into ice-cold brook and is carried away - danger to life

Terrible accident in thuringia: a three-year-old girl fell into an ice-cold stream on christmas day and suffered life-threatening injuries.

The children of a vacationing family had been playing on a meadow by the river in the thuringian town of lichte (saalfeld-rudolstadt district) near the hotel when the child slipped and fell into the ice-cold river. It was carried away by the melt water, as the police announced on tuesday.

Thuringia: police rescue two-year-old girl from freezing garden shed

The child was rescued from the water after 20 minutes and flown by rescue helicopter to jena university hospital. Two days after falling into an ice-cold stream, a three-year-old girl's life is still in danger. "The health condition of the child has not changed", said a police spokeswoman on wednesday.

The child's condition remains critical

Helpers reacted quickly and deliberately, according to the police. The father immediately ran after the child at the light, a resident called 911 and set off a rescue chain.

Federal police officers from erfurt, who were on the scene with a patrol car, also ran along the course of the river. After about a kilometer, the father was able to stop the girl floating in the water. A federal police officer pulled it out of the water.

Emergency doctors, firefighters and police officers immediately began to resuscitate the girl. Despite dense fog, the crew of a rescue helicopter was able to land at the site of the accident and take the girl to the hospital by the shortest route possible.

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