Trittin criticizes altmaier’s push for coal-fired power plants

Trittin criticizes altmaier's push for coal-fired power plants

This is what the head of the wii group, jurgen trittin, told the dortmunder "ruhr nachrichten" (friday).

Altmaier had said that new coal-fired power plants would also be needed to secure future electricity supply. With 35 percent renewable electricity by 2020, 65 percent still had to be generated differently. "And that’s where i think it makes sense to replace old polluting brown and hard coal-fired power plants with modern efficient coal and gas-fired power plants," the CDU politician told the "zeit" newspaper.

Environmentalists plan protest actions in all three german lignite mining regions for the first time in august. As the organizers announced in berlin on friday, from the 3. Until the 26. August climate camps to be held in lausitz, rhineland and the central german lignite mining region in saxony-anhalt.

The organizers fear that the nuclear phase-out will lead to a renaissance of coal in germany. Lignite now accounts for 25 percent of electricity production, despite the massive damage it does to the climate and health, criticized patrick stotzel of klimacamp rheinland. What is needed, however, is not an expansion, but a phasing out of coal.

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