Tschirn thanks the burghers for their commitment

Tschirn thanks the burghers for their commitment

As a thank you to the clubs, associations, groups and individuals, the municipality of tschirn invited them to a civic reception. In addition, mayor peter klinger awarded julia barnickel and simon geisler for outstanding professional achievements.

The first-named has made an excellent individual graduation in the examination for health and nursing care. The mayor also saw the award in combination with the honorary service. Here the young woman has taken over the chairmanship of the tschirn fire department this year (we reported).

Freshly crowned champion

Simon geisler successfully passed the master’s examination as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician. With this, the "down-to-earth" young man to follow in his father’s footsteps and take over the local company, klinger said. For the community such local businesses are very important, he said.

Dean detlef potzl, as keynote speaker, asked the question of what kind of image the community of tschirn gives after auben. On the one hand, the bar in the coat of arms plays an important role, as it can stand for strength but also for serenity. On the other hand, it is the cohesion and the commitment to the community that is important. There are many talented people in the community in different fields, who also volunteer for the village community. Already jesus, when he sent the young ones into the world, had used "kommunio" so put on common ground, said the dean. So it is necessary to listen and act when others need help. Charming characteristics and sympathy are important virtues in this regard.

The citizens of burgen contribute time, heart and soul, and passion in many different ways to tschirn. It should not be overlooked that there are also conflicts among each other, the resulting warmth can also have a favorable effect, said the dean.

Many positive examples

Mayor peter klinger thanked all the burghers who put themselves at the service of the general public. The honorary office should also be profitable and one should not have to take criticism for it. He was therefore pleased that many citizens, who accompany and shape village life, accepted the invitation. As he said, there are many positive examples, but to list them all would go beyond the scope of this event. As a highlight of this year, the mountain bike star ride of the rennsteig region on the 9th of september is to be mentioned. June to tschirn planned. In this way, the cyclists are entertained by the guardian association.

The burger reception was musically accompanied by the young musicians of the brass band edelweib.

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