When a book comes to life – horbucher

The best reading material is destroyed when it is read by someone who is not even remotely capable of addressing these issues. You have to become one with the book to convey the message vividly. You know this from school: the subject can be really interesting, but the teacher is able to turn it into a "hate subject" by monotonous behavior patterns forever to degrade.
With regard to the books, fortunately, a remedy has been found: by means of horbucher.

The living room becomes an adventure playground

Horbucher is as valuable as a family outing. The presenters present the text in a vivid way, certain background noises add to the atmosphere. Between the lines, the listener is given a forum to develop his own fantasies; there are no pictures and he is free to express himself.
Afterwards, the family can talk about the different feelings of listening to the play. You don't have to read until you're hoarse and you don't run the risk of destroying the content by coughing all the time.

Rollercoaster of emotions

As "pregnant" it is well known that one is often exposed to mood swings – but one can also live out this feeling without this circumstance.
Through horspiel MP3 download you have the opportunity to regularly download horbooks and promptly train laugh muscles and tranendrons:
once a girl has dreamed of having many adventures at a boarding school, she attends a "midnight party" the special kind of part. Hanni and nanni invite you on a journey where catastrophes do not fail to happen.
Bob the builder doesn't just work for the little ones – he opens his toolbox to adults as well and the whole family can join in when, for example, he gives his friend "scratch" helps.

When the vacation in "balkonia" takes place

One had actually wished for spain, but unfortunately one must spend the vacation on the balcony at home – in the hope that at least the weather is already.
There is a good solution: the whole family sits down at the table in their vacation clothes, enjoys a delicious shake and listens to a well-known presenter describing his journey along the way of st. James with all its trials and tribulations. You get a vivid description of the country& people, combined with a people, combined with a rough splash of comedy and afterwards you feel the pain literally on your feet – just look at the soles of your feet…

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