When frankens children celebrate bavarian

When frankens children celebrate bavarian

The double birthday anniversary "100 years of the free state and 200 years of the constitutional state of bavaria was the reason for the elementary school kirchlauter to hold the summer festival under the motto "we celebrate bavaria" to put. Everything revolved around the "female blue bavaria" on this day with the performances of the schools, but also with workshops all about bavaria.

With the song "today is our school festival" the boys and girls opened the fun and they appeared to the coarse part in dirndln and lederhosen, which gave a colorful picture. Principal claudia gigglberger praised her students, who had prepared very intensively for this day in the last weeks. She also thanked the parents’ council and the many helpers.

Brass music and dialect

Then hannes from class 3a and markus from class 4a led the children through the entertaining program. Birgitta werner’s flexi class 1/2A received a lot of applause for their bavarian poem, in which they used the "upper bavarian dialect" was praised. And what would a bavarian festival be without brass music?? Some students of the music school ebern showed their skills with instruments like the trumpet and the trombone under their teacher christian baum.

Of course, dancing also has a long tradition in bavaria, and this was shown by the class 3a of principal gigglberger to the song "leit, leit, leit muabts lustig sei"!" With their round dance, clapping and changing partners, they thrilled their spectators. In the fourth grade, the cycling test is at the top of the list, and class 4a and its teacher simone roth reported on this in their poem "mai rod, where the individual sometimes difficult to understand lines were translated into french by another child. At the end, class 1/2b, accompanied by their teacher iris reges on the keyboard, sang the song "aber gruab di".

Even the sky was female blue

But for the students there was still a lot to do at workshops and activities around bavaria. A course was set up on the sports field with a "beer crate race" or a relay race with coats of arms of the governmental districts. You could make hearts or paint bags or take part in the quiz "do you know bavaria" participate. Finally, the audience could have their hair braided or simply "eat pretzels" .After also st. The blue sky, the bavarian party went on until the evening hours.

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