A fubballeric balancing act

A fubballeric balancing act

With the first team of the spvgg hausen he fights in the kreisklasse 2 ER/PEG against the relegation, with the reserve in the B-klasse 3 around the direct re-ascension. A balancing act that tim zocher is used to, after all, the 19-year-old even danced at a third wedding last season.

Who played you?
Tim zocher: katharina sturm, with whom i practically grew up on the local soccer field. Before she left the club, we played together in the D-youth team. Even then they had a strong will to win. I am also friends with her brother christian.

Once a home, always a home is true for you in more ways than one, isn’t it??
You could say that. I started with the spvgg when I was four years old and have played in hausen ever since. In the past season, i played for the first and second men’s team in addition to playing with the A-youth team, which forms a team with four other clubs.

What was it like to not only have to find your way around in a team with boys from four other clubs, but also to constantly switch between youth and men’s teams and between the district and A classes??
In the A-youth we have quickly found together, what the promotion in the summer underpins yes. The step from the youth to the reserve has been particularly noticeable in the rougher hard. That was already unusual. In the first team, the tempo is also significantly higher.

Youth is the end of the road for you in terms of age. In which team of the spvgg do you settle in?
I missed three weeks of preseason due to work and vacation, so i started in the second team. In the meantime, however, I have fought my way up and pay more to the squad of the first.

The goals of both teams are completely different when you look at the table. How do you assess the situation?
The first team has integrated some more youth players besides myself. We often lack experience and cleverness. It was clear that the season would be difficult. But we hope that we won’t be stuck down there until the end. Since the entire squad trains together, on the other hand, the supposed reservists benefit. In addition, they are motivated because they can make the jump to the first at any time. It is therefore not too surprising that our second team is undefeated in second place.

Two weeks ago they have conceded their first dismissal. Have you finally arrived in the men’s sector??
At first I didn’t agree with the decision, but in retrospect I think you can give him a yellow-red. Unfortunately, we have given away a 3:1 in shorthanded, so I had a bad conscience. However, even without a sending off, we have often gained an advantage.

On sunday they welcome SV weilersbach for a basement duel. How do you approach this?
Our coach jorg welker is not the type to let us come only through the fight. If we have to, we will of course oppose it, but if possible, we also want to solve this task in a playful way.

Where to fly your steep pass?
About jakob forstel. He was my coach last season, and in his first year at the SG, he helped us win promotion. He himself plays for SG pinzberg/gosberg.

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