Anniversary celebration an entertaining event

Anniversary celebration an entertaining event

With sketches, a male ballet and live music instead of long-winded speeches and a dry lecture from the club’s chronicle, the table tennis club (TTC) kienfeld celebrated its 25th anniversary. The fact that the rows of tables in the hall of the zwanzger brewery in uehlfeld were full until shortly before midnight showed that the concept of a somewhat different anniversary celebration was well received.
The entertaining program was presented by chairman paul fromel and treasurer stefan schierer as the "dorftratschn stefanie und paulinchen" opened. In a sketch in best "waltraud and mariechen"-the two buried the guests in a humorous manner, philosophized about their favorite soccer clubs bayern munchen and FC nurnberg, and told how the TTC came into being 25 years ago. The event surrounding the founding of the club itself was then acted out in another interlude.
With long-haired wigs, also visually transported back to 1992, stefan schierer and andreas hack played a few balls with each other and then decided to found a club because table tennis is such a fun sport for them. At that time fritz grobkopf had to help with the realization, of course also longhaired, because "you are a student, you must know how to found a club".

Active with three teams

How the table tennis club has developed in the following two and a half decades and where it stands today was explained by the chairman in his short speech. From a sporting point of view, it is impressive that the small TTC kienfeld has been playing consistently for many years with three men’s teams and that the first team has currently established itself in the second district league, while much larger clubs in the district have sometimes had to suffer from a lack of active players.
But the TTC is much more than just a sports club, as it proves with two events that have been held successfully for years. Fromel mentioned on the one hand the wine festival, which attracts up to 200 guests to kienfeld every year, and on the other hand the christmas tree collection campaign, which is linked to a call for donations and has raised around 1500 euros for a good cause in the past three years alone. "To express it in table tennis language: it’s not the first point you have to make, but the last one, and the TTC is pretty good at that", concluded the chairman.
Mayor helmut lottes (CSU/UB) also praised the club’s social commitment in the community and confirmed his predecessor’s view that table tennis is sometimes unjustly neglected in the public perception behind the coarse popular sport of soccer. Lottes admitted with a smile that he thought he was a passable amateur player until he realized during a training session with some ttclers that playing with the celluloid ball is a demanding sport that requires technique and fitness.
After the mayor, together with the chairman and sports director benedikt brehm, had honored longstanding members, a few more show numbers and guitar music from the "greuther saitengwerch" rounded off the evening the evening. The players of the first team, who performed the song "Y" as a male ballet, provided many laughs.M.C.A." From the band "village people and presented it in the appropriate costumes.

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